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Whether you’re a grassroots activist, prepper, student of history or just fed up with the elites that are running and ruining America, this is the place for you! This is THE online shopping marketplace for you.
For the Patriot Institute’s students, you will find all your research and study course materials right here too. No more searching all over the internet to find that book. We have it. Shipping and customer service that Amazon is famous for. The Patriot Institute is an Amazon affiliate to provide you only the very best in customer service!

We carry all the necessary course materials and textbooks for the Patriot Institute coursework. Our newest products include Patriot Wear. Show the world you stand for America, patriotism and the restoration of this great republic in Patriot Wear.

When the next financial crisis hits whether it is a collapse in the banking system from $20 trillion debt or over leveraging their assets your dollars may lose their value overnight. We have you covered here at the Patriot Market. Shop in our Wealth Preservation. Here you’ll find gold and silver coins that will preserve their value – and your security – through the worst of times. Prices fit just about every budget.

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