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At Issue: How much do we know about American education?

A rhetorical question, Patriots.
What part of the federal government has jurisdiction over education in America?

The image above shows us exactly. None!   Federal level legislation created to micromanage the States when it comes to learning has been going on most of our lives. The added insult of taxes used against us for education moves is also pretty hard to take. Below I’ve added emphasis to the powers to be divided.
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explainedvennClearly, our U.S. Constitution has reserved schools for a STATE’S Rights issue. The Venn shows this.

From Our Past:
When you have a SHARED money source, aka ‘taxes’, it is here Pandora’s box gets opened.  When President Eisenhower passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), he threw in the ‘public’s well being’. His statements about education being a ‘civil right’ tipped the balance of power from state-led to federally-led. Since then, education’s gone down the path of not so much ‘success’, but ‘alignment’.

ESEA wasn’t the only overreach by the government then. From my 2014 article detailing the uniting of education to workforce based labor, “Both the 1962 and 1969 actions were part of the “Great Society” and “War on Poverty” that President Johnson was promoting. Some of Pres. Johnson’s other programs: “Neighborhood Youth Corps”, “Special Impact”, and “New Careers” programs.” (Source: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/tech-thursday-blast-from-our-workforce-past/)

When President Carter (1979) signed into existence the U.S. Dept. of Education, he, too, set the nation up to fail. This move was absolutely one which should of been called for what it was, ‘overstepping the authority of the U.S. Constitutional boundaries‘.

The Two Moves Became One Effort:
Since Eisenhower and Carter’s moves, we also seen, Patriots, more federal overreach in education by every President since then. Programs like Goals 2000 (Clinton) have been turned into the perfect excuse for education which abandons books and academia and embraces skills for the job market. NCLB (No Child Left Behind/Bush) was used against our students in the name of over assessing them (tests) and basically saying everyone learns the same and as such, no one can get ahead of his/her classmates. We’ve watched in horror as NCLB was shifted into Race to the Top. Again, these moves are other great examples of federal coercion in the name of education. 

More Up To Date:
In 2014, the U.S. Dept. of Labor based WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) overstepped the job market and has entered classrooms as well as employment offices across America. By doing this, you will find more students and citizens of all choices and ages being sucked into federally led, illegally based education.

Just Last Year:
Consider the 2015 passage of the updated ESEA which is now ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). When the celebratory speeches flew,Sen. Lamar Alexander has vowed that the HEA (Higher Education Act) was next to be re-written. When this happens, it will receive a federally led education makeover like ESSA did.
WIOA and ESSA both weave HEA into their webs. *Note: ESSA  uses”Challenging State Academic Standards” and/or “College and Career Readiness” to replace “Common Core”.

Harsh Realities:
The entire point of federally led micromanaging education and make it become workforce geared?  It’s a two-part answer from what I uncovered:

1) Keeping the USA’s part in the UN 2015 Sustainable Development Goals Agreement. Education is the 4th most important plank in that Agreement. You’ll also find that workforce (aka ‘jobs’) is among the other 16 goals. Read more:

2) CTE, Career Tech Education. Congress is absolutely playing this part of Common Core to the hilt. Just before the Election, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Ed/Workforce Committee spit out several press releases touting how CTE would save the nation…and its students. They even used Vice-President Elect’s 2015 CTE speech as a platform for the “Better Way” campaign currently in recess (will start back when Congress returns to D.C.). The Senate HELP Committee wasted no time before their recess pumping out all kinds of CTE legislation. Here’s a chart for you to consider on the toxicity of the biggest CTE bills on the horizon.
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Closing Thoughts/Actions:
Patriots, as soon as it’s back to business in D.C., Jan. 2017, these CTE bills and programs will be a huge focus area. So will the continuing of WIOA and the implementing of ESSA.

We MUST be ahead of the leaders and thwart this continued shift in education!

You may wish to know that Vice President-elect Pence has been tagged as the Leader of Trump’s Transition Team. With his love for CTE, how will that drive education? Jobs? Economy? President-elect Trump swore he’d boot out Common Core and shut down the U.S. Dept. of Education. However, with the information above, how do you think he can complete this process? To take down U.S. DofEd is one thing, but to rid us of ESSA, we’ll need to throw out WIOA and the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s overreach in education. We’ll also need to ditch the HEA’s overreach as well.

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