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Michael Savage says that liberalism is a mental disorder. Well, if liberalism is a mental disorder, then the level of political correctness that this country has gone to is outright insanity.

We have become a country where politicians are afraid to answer questions because everything that they say will be dissected to determine whether there was hidden racism somewhere in the answer.

We have a country where Yale University can have students who claim that the Halloween costumes actually frightened them and caused them distress.

We live in a country where the president of the United States takes time from lesser issues of national security and the budget to express his opinion about the term “Redskins” as sports teams and school mascots because some pathetic and mindless sheep actually believe that the term “Redskins” which is used as a term of pride and reverence is somehow derogatory.

We live in a country where students were sent home for wearing US flag clothing on Cinco de Mayo because it might offend people on the holiday which is only the celebration of ONE SMALL TOWN in another Country.

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We must stop the liberal agenda of Political Correctness

We live in a country where many cities are considering, or have passed laws, which would allow a man to go into a woman’s restroom just because he feels like a woman that day. I do not care who you are, that is opening Pandora’s box at a level of stupid that will come back to bite them.

Political correctness is absolutely destroying this country. It is creating a nation of weakness where people want the government to stomp out any chance that they might get offended…GROW UP! Life can be offensive.

>If you are offended by a team using the name “Redskins,”
>If you think that anything and everything said by one race about another is somehow racism…even if it is not negative in any way
>If you somehow get offended by someone being patriotic
>If you are one of those college students who claim that someone handing out free copies of the US Constitution made you uncomfortable….

There is a simple solution. Walk away from this computer into your bathroom. Somewhere in there, there should be a mirror. Get your nose real close to the mirror. YOU ARE NOW LOOKING AT THE PROBLEM!

The problem is that your parents and society gave you an excuse to be weak. They gave you an excuse to whine and complain about everything no matter what it is. GROW UP!

>If the name “Redskins” offends you…choose another team, root for their competitor or do not watch the game at all.
>If the flag or the Constitution truly bothers you…move your America hating butt out of this country. There are plenty of places where many share your hatred…go there.
>And if someone says something that you think is racist, homophobic, islamophobic, etc., DO NOT LISTEN!

It is not the role of government to protect your weak feelings. GROW UP!
Not everything is offensive. GROW UP!
Get over yourself and GROW UP!

By Jon Colson
Patriot Institute Contributing Columnist

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  1. Jon Colson 3 years ago

    Well said. I would only take your 2nd paragraph further. Politicians….well republican politicians, that is…are afraid to answer questions because it will be dissected and called racist no matter what is said…unless it is to agree with the liberal agenda. Democrat politicians, however, can make any comment that they want….no matter how racist, and it is 100% acceptable.

    For example, democrats are quick to claim that voter ID laws are discriminatory. If you ask them why, they tell you that black voters do not have the ability or the knowledge on how to obtain an ID…LITERALLY, this comes from students at UC Berkeley.

    Go tell black people around the country that they are inept, ignorant, etc., and see how many proud black Americans want to stomp you into the ground for your racist views.

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