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So far…TRUMP is endeavoring to keep his campaign promises. TRUMP has done more in 30 days…than Obama did in 8 yrs.

IN RETROSPECT…It was probably good for us that Obama spent the majority of his time golfing…vacationing…fund-raising & campaigning…because…stop and think of ALL the ADDITIONAL damage he could have done!
As it was…OBAMA insulted & snubbed all our allies and cozied up to all our enemies… betrayed & undermined Israel at every turn…trampled OUR Constitution…wrote countless Executive Orders in order to bypass Congress! He also decimated our military & purged the military of over 200 top-ranking officers! He has weakened our military standing in the eyes of the world…which has emboldened OUR enemies!
OBAMA…and the Socialist Democrats rammed through the ACA act…known as OBAMACARE… leaving the best health care system in the world in shambles…people without their doctors…services drastically cut and sky high premiums which are constantly rising!

During his 8 years in office…OBAMA started the WAR on Cops…and created the biggest racial divide in our country since the 1950’s!

OBAMA released hundreds on CRIMINAL Illegal Aliens into our cities…to kill and commit crimes. He instructed the Border Patrol to NOT impede the illegals pouring into our country! He also released well over 150 enemy Muslim terrorists from GITMO…who eventually returned to the battlefields…to kill Americans once again!

OBAMA left a young Marine …who accidentally traveled just over the border into Mexico…to rot in a Mexican jail without making a phone call to have him released! YET…He turned around and paid a huge ransom to our enemies to have a known deserter released!

In addition…OBAMA more than DOUBLED our deficit…leaving an astronomical debt our grandchildren must struggle to pay off!

OBAMA used the power of the federal government to attack, demean and impede any & all who might oppose him. His administration persecuted and penalized small businesses and religious organizations for standing up for their Constitutional religious rights. OBAMA told the world we were no longer a Christian nation and, consequently, Christianity has been under attack for the past 8 years!
OBAMA installed multiple members of our enemy, the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, in his administration.

Through unending regulations he destroyed our coal industry and made it impossible for many businesses to even survive! And…OBAMA shut down oil drilling in the Gulf…throwing 40,000 people in related industries out of work and destroying the economy in the Gulf… while giving BRAZIL a few billion dollars to come to over here and drill!

I could go on…I’m sure there is much more…these are just a few things off the top of my head!!

Carol Byers
Patriot Institute Contributor

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