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Criticism of President Trump should not be perceived as anti-American.

Trump has been in office for one month, one very busy month. In addition to fielding his mostly conservative cabinet, with combat veteran general officers in key defense and homeland security positions, Trump has signed no less than twenty-three executive orders. These have addressed issues ranging from oil pipelines, fighting ISIS and of course, immigration.
The list of Trump’s executive orders so far (from Aidan Quigley, Politico):

1. Providing “relief” from the Affordable Care Act (January 20)

2. Freezing all regulations (January 20)

3. Reinstating the “Mexico City” abortion policy (January 23)

4. Scrapping the Trans-Pacific Partnership (January 23)

5. Freezing the federal workforce (January 23)

6 & 7. Advancing the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines (January 24)

8. Expediting Environmental Reviews on Infrastructure Projects (January 24)

9. Promoting “Made-in-the-USA” pipelines (January 24)

10. Reviewing domestic manufacturing regulation (January 24)

11. Increasing border security measures (January 25)

12. Pursuit of undocumented immigrants (January 25)

13. Reevaluating visa and refugee programs (January 27)

14. Strengthening the military (January 27)

15. Reorganizing the National Security Council (January 28)

16. Implementing a lobbying ban (January 28)

17. Defeating ISIS (January 28)

18. Reducing regulations (January 30)

19. Regulating the financial system (February 3)

20. Rethinking Obama’s fiduciary standard (February 3)

21. Preventing violence against the police (February 9)

22. Creating a task force to reduce crime (February 9)

23. Combatting transnational criminal organizations (February 9)

Most of these executive orders will most likely prove to be good for America and long overdue. It is refreshing to have a president in the White House whose motives and agenda isn’t consistently seemingly contrary to the best interest of the country. Overall from a conservative perspective, Trump’s performance in his first month is “so far, so good.” To many, Trump’s first 30 days are more like “so far, so great!”

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President Trump hosts a rally in Melbourne, FL 2017

However, these actions so far do not mean that Trump is perfect or infallible. President Trump should be under the constant scrutiny of an informed and engaged public.

It isn’t whether we or anyone is “for or “against” Trump. America has become so divided and polarized it’s truly alarming. Since his election, any criticism of Trump is immediately perceived by Trump supporters to mean the criticizer is a far left liberal who is rooting for the absolute demise of America. Conversely, anyone who supports Trump is immediately labeled by Democrats, the media and liberals as being a Nazi, racist, Islamaphobe or worse.

Somehow, somewhere, it has become assumed that if you support Trump, you will do so unquestionably, a devoted acolyte, raising the president above all reproach and criticism. To raise any criticism of Trump you will be attacked from the right and from conservatives. If you are against Trump, you must oppose him, his administration and his agenda without any critical thought as to what is good or bad for the country and cannot rest until Trump is driven from the White House, no matter how many Starbucks coffee shops you have to burn down. The left will hit the streets and physically attack anyone who opposes them while chanting “Love trumps hate” and “this is what democracy looks like.”

There is a middle ground. As the Declaration of Independence states, “all men are created equal.” So Trump, and every elected official, is a common man, like the rest of us. Therefore not above reproach, scrutiny and criticism.

Secondly, in the US Constitution, we set forth in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8:
– No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.

So Trump is neither infallible, nor noble. He is just an America citizen who happen to be elected president – Not a king. In fact, according to Article II of the US Constitution which outlines the powers of the presidency, it really shouldn’t matter much in our daily lives who holds that office.

One can be hopeful for the success of the president but still be critical of their policies and actions. We should be able to want Trump to succeed and want the country to succeed. But because journalism as an objective set of eyes on government is dead, we have to step into the gap.

We hated the media, democrats and the left because of their blind devotion to Obama. We won’t be any better than they were, and still are, if we are blindly devoted to Trump and refuse to acknowledge or even see when he has faults or if he stumbles trying to achieve his agenda.

Stand FOR America. Remain steadfastly devoted to the promise and ideal that is our free Constitutional republic. If Trump fights to restore that ideal stand all in for Trump. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be objective and critical. We should never swear our loyalty to any one person. That is the mindset that creates dictators and tyranny. If Trump changes or acts in a way contrary to Constitutional principles then it is our DUTY to report and be that check on him and his policies to get him back on track and keep him there. We HAVE to be the objective voice.

Let’s keep our perspective as American citizens and leave our partisan attacks and attitudes behind.

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