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Darrel Castle is a candidate for president of the United States representing the Constitution Party.

Darrel Castle is a former US Marine Corps officer and Vietnam combat veteran. He started his own law firm and expanded it to include five additional successful offices in five different states. His focused areas of law include bankruptcy, personal injury, social security, disability and workers’ compensation.

Darrell has a strong Christian religious ethic. He has served as a deacon and deacon chairman in his local church. In 1998, Darrell and his wife Joan stretched out their hand to serve others, and founded Mia’s Children Foundation (, a Christian mission in Bucharest, Romania which ministers to homeless gypsy children.

Darrel Castle’s political activism includes:
• Two terms as the Constitution Party of Tennessee State Chairman
• Three terms as the Vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Constitution Party
• Two terms as the Platform Chairman

Darrel Castle, 2016 Presidential Campaign, Elections, Voting, Constitution Party

Presidential Candidate Darrel Castle is a former Marine Corps officer and Vietnam War veteran.

of the National Convention of the Constitution Party
• Instructor of the Institute on the Constitution course
• Author of numerous articles and commentaries addressing national issues and analysis of current events
• Board member of the Conservative Caucus since 2005
• 2007 Chairman of the National Veterans Coalition, an outreach of the National Constitution Party
• 2008 Constitution Party Vice-presidential Candidate, running mate of Chuck Baldwin.
• Creator and author of the Castle Report


1. Adherence to the Constitution – Adherence to the Constitution brings liberty and ignoring and denigrating it brings tyranny.
2. Withdraw from the United Nations – The ideas of the U.N. are in direct opposition to the ideas of America.
Collective action is the U.N. Globalist strategy to weaken and isolate America. We are, therefore, more isolated in the U.N. than we would be out of it. It is intended to isolate the U.S. a little bit at a time lest we awaken from our slumber and withdraw. Little by little the Lilliputian strands are woven tighter and tighter.
The very existence of the U.N. is an affront to liberty and human dignity. Many of the inherent rights in the US Constitution are superseded by the United Nations Charter, including the right of self-defense. We must free ourselves from the notion that the U.N. is vital to U.S. interests. It is not. If the American people do not understand these things, then it is imperative that we educate them.
3. End the Federal Reserve – I would end the Federal Reserve’s control of the United States’ monetary system by repealing the Federal Reserve Act.
I would remind the banks that there would no longer be a Federal Reserve to lend to them in an emergency so if a bank gets in trouble, it’s on its own.
4. Agenda 21 – Across the nation communities are being pressured by federal agencies to accept grants for local sustainable projects that affect property rights and destroy local control. He who pays the piper calls the tune.
I would withdraw the federal government from such international, sovereignty destroying legislation. I would stop the federal government from manipulating local communities with handouts, and begin the process of handing control of their lives and property back to the local people.
5. Pro-Life Stance – Veto and refuse to spend every penny of funding for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.
Recommend to Congress, and work to convince Congress, to take away the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction over such matters.
6. In Defense of Liberty – The general government was created by the sovereign states for a specific purpose; that purpose was to protect our God-given rights. Anything that runs afoul of that purpose is therefore illegal and unconstitutional. And since virtually everything this government does runs afoul of that purpose, virtually everything it does is illegal and unconstitutional.

Darryl Castle, Constitution Party, Presidential Politics, Elections, Presidential Elections 2016, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Constitution Party presidential candidate Darryl Castle is on the ballot or write-in in enough states to win the Electoral College vote.

There are more than two candidates for president in 2016. The two major political parties control the national political machine that control the choices of candidates presented to the American people. Unfortunately, parties like the Constitution Party are not afforded the national stage on which to compete, at least for now.

This article should not be construed as an endorsement for Darrel Castle or for any candidate. The Patriot Institute does not endorse political candidates for any office. It is solely our intent to pass information on all the candidates.

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