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I have seen many people ask this question: “What has happened to our nation, were we not at one time the most respected nation in the world? “Social Enablers” being in the early 1900’s have been slowly selling “We The People” into slavery and it has and was still being done in a very purposed way until one Barack Hussein Obama was selected and then elected, twice in fact. It took too many people too long to wake up and really look at their loss of liberty.. Obamacare turned out to be too big of a bite of liberty and freedom that they were willing to accept. As one who, unlike the majority of the Democrats in Congress who voted to pass this albatross into law, read the whole act before I wrote any commentary about it.

The more I researched and written about the problems with Congress and the President, the more I am getting a clearer picture of the problems we are facing. The journey, to where we are today, began it the early 1900’s. In 1900 ninety four percent of Americans were self employed. They paid their own taxes and were well aware of how much of their hard earned income was required to pay the taxes of the day. Today, only about five percent of Americans are self employed. The worst year for the individual liberty and independence of ALL American citizens and the advancement of socialism, the darling of those who yearn for a centralized big government was 1913. Our Constitution to that point was a roadblock to socialism on its own. The source of the majority of taxation needed to be given to the federal government. The States stake in controlling the reach and scope of the federal government needed to be neutered and a central monetary system needed to be created from the private sector with some federal government control.

In 1913 we saw the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment which allowed for the creation of income tax withholding and thus the birth of the IRS. This was a necessary step in the ideal of transitioning our nation from one of self employed independence to a nation of individuals who would become dependent on an employer with a set paycheck for a set amount of money for their labors. This accomplished two things. It conditioned people to allow an employer to take control of their duty to pay the majority of their taxes for them. Over time, people ceased ceased budgeting their expenses from their gross income with the acute awareness of how much of it was taken in taxes. It was the first step in the transition form individual independence to an individual dependence on an employer.

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The creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, which far too many people, because of its name and the lack of education about it, think that it is a department of our government. It is a privately owned institution with some direct government oversight.. It really was the consolidation of the big moneyed people in our nation who to that point had openly vied each other in the finance of our national debts as the needs arose. It is in effect was an action that was set in motion for a consolidation of their influence and thus control of OUR federal government. This was the beginning of big money lobbyists wresting control of government from the people. The attempt at creating a national bank with these very powers and controls was tried once before. Our seventh president Andrew Jackson stood steadfastly against it creation as an affront on both the rights of the people and of the states. Unfortunately in 1913 we did not have a president who stood solidly behind the power and authority of the people and the states over the federal government

There was one more major hurdle to overcome in the quest to insure the success of the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve Bank. The states control of the US Senate had to be removed. The Senate was comprised of ninety six senators who were duly appointed by forty eight legislatures. The full control of the federal government required the ability to pander and influence Congress without the interference of forty eight state legislatures and their governors. The Seventeenth Amendment solved that problem and also paved the way for the usurpation of states rights at the federal level. The founders of the Federal Reserve Bank well knew it would be much easier to curry the favor from just the President and Congress by removing the states from the appointment of their US Senators. They were called “Statesman” because their primary duty was both constrain the overreach of the federal government and temper the desires of the House of Representatives and the federal government bureaucracy from infringing on both the rights and duties of the states.

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In 1959 President Dwight D Eisenhower warned Congress and the nation about the dangers of the burgeoning military industrial complex. These manufacturers had become intoxicated with the profits that were gained during the war years of WWII. Much of the money behind it is the same money that supplies and controls the Federal Reserve. He also warned us of the increasing pressure being placed upon Congress for our nation taking on the role of international policing. He was more correct than he was ever given credit for and he was also well ignored. The influence of lobbyist money was already well entrenched in Congress.

President Johnson, a long term legislator in both the House and the Senate was under the control of the “Fed” as they have become to known by. He did two things that I believe Kennedy who have opposed. He escalated our presence in Vietnam and nearly simultaneously shoved the social programs under guise of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 into law. This law is very similar to Obamacare in many ways. It created unconstitutional power and authority over the states under the guise of civil rights and equality. It ushered in a huge myriad of taxation with fees and withholding added to existing taxation. It opened the door for federal control of every industry in the US. These all are clear and patent violations of Our Constitution.

Every sitting administration since President Lyndon Johnson has incrementally added to the usurpation of states powers and rights under the control of the federal government who were by then well under the control of the Federal Reserve. Reagan may have slowed it to a degree but he really did not do much to stem or reverse the trend.

That brings us to President Obama, a man with an over inflated ego. A man who learned at an early age to play half of his heritage for his own gain. A man who is clearly devoid of any moral character. A man who has had his past well hidden by those who thought he could play his black identity in the well designed PC world to complete the capture of and indenture of the whole American nation. His training in Chicago style community organizing, which is little more than the tactics used to bring communism to Russia and the ensuing Soviet Union, was skill set they needed.

Obamacare no matter how you slice it up and dissect it has very little to do with health care and has everything to do with citizen control was crammed and forced through the House and was easily run through the Senate, signed into law and then unconstitutionally upheld by Supreme Court (they have no authority in the constitution to adjudicate it and if they did it clearly flies in the face of the limited enumerated powers of the federal government). I assert that I have a right to comment on the act because unlike Congress when they passed it, I read the act before commenting on it. Instinctively I knew it was very bad legislation.

In 2010 a group rose to some prominence when they were able to get a few people elected to Congress who were not the party anointed. The Tea Party is a game changer and they big money has put up $50 million to defeat them in the primary elections for the Republican Party. If they succeed the dozen or so who were elected in 2010 will get no reinforcements and therefore they will have to continue to swim up stream. If you are a freedom loving American or you are a citizen waking up because of the recent assaults on liberty that have now touched your lives, you must believe that your vote has more value than $50 million or they would not have put up the money. Top down candidates are already in the fold and they will side with the money over the people.

In 2014, “We The People” voted in Republican control of Congress with a mandate to STOP OBAMACARE, which they all campaigned on to have Boehner and McConnell fail. They refused to bring the repeal to a vote, claiming that it would only be vetoed by Obama and be a waste of time. The House had a remedy and refused to exercise it, the power of the purse. There is however an unwritten rule between the two parties, you don’t use the power of the purse to each other’s legislation.

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This past election, we as a nation rejected Hillary Clinton along with her coattails of corruption and carelessness with national secrets that put many lives at risk. Donald Trump ran on a campaign to “Drain The Swamp,” immediately repeal and replace Obamacare, build the wall and pursue criminal charges for Hillary and anyone else found to have violated their oaths and terms of service to our nation. He is already walking them back. This proves what I have said before and since the creation of National Vote Out Incumbents and our recent association with the Patriot Institute, that we CANNOT depend on one man to get the corruption cleaned out of DC. It will require at least the majority of our citizens to be fully educated in our Constitution, the restrictions placed upon ALL THREE branches of our government. The Constitution constrains the power and authority of government and protects the protects the authority of the people from it. Today we have allowed our authority to be wielded by a reckless federal government and constrained by all the branches especially the judicial branch.

Our society has become one of great dysfunction, it has been done by design. We have made the transition save a small percentage from independence from government and big business to dependence on government and big business. Either way we are on the verge of becoming fully indentured. The line from an old song says it very well “I sold my soul to the company store.” We have been made into enablers by our government to this dependency. The media is filling the airways telling us we need to send the same people back to Congress who have all but stolen our liberty and freedom. The dysfunctional will do their duty. I am appealing to those who were raised to be self sufficient and those beginning to feel the yearn to be self sufficient.

Our form of government CAN and only will function for the people if the people we elect are the ones of OUR choosing, those we know and trust to be our servants and NOT our slave masters. The Next Primaries in 2018 are the key. If you love liberty and freedom, you can no longer sit on the sidelines!
You MUST stand up, you MUST step out and you MUST act with intent and purpose. We at the Patriot Institute and National Vote Out Incumbents are already standing in the gap for you. Join US and empower yourselves with education and much more. Together we can and God willing, we will bring back sanity and reason to our nation and once again fully embrace the values that undeniably have our nation great. The freedom and liberty to seek and solve the problems and needs on our own and where appropriate allow government to assist US where needed.

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