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Ever noticed how many shows are on TV about real life psychics that are documented to help cops; Telling them things that they could not have known. Things like:

1. He will be found in a river with no head
2. She is buried under 3 slabs
3. He knocked out all her teeth and they will be found under his house.
4. She has a fake name but her real name will be such and such.
Often the cops start off unbelieving and end up saying all the stuff we are told was true. There could not have been any guessing, because no one else knew…. I thought about the fact that the Bible says People working with Fallen Spirits (familiar Spirits) that know stuff. In the scripture God forbade his people to seek information from people dealing with Evil spirits. And yes they often give some FACTUAL information.

Look at the case in ACTS 16:16-21 Where a woman with one of these spirits, followed Paul and other ministers , telling people that THEY WERE MEN OF GOD which were showing them the way of salvation— HOW TRICKY! She got a way with it for many days. She was NOT LYING.. but demons have their own plans… Paul became grieved and CAST the demon out of her..

Psychics, Demons, The Patriot Institute, False Prophets, Gospel, Religion, Christianity photo

YHVH God spoke by Isaiah the Prophet of what would happen during the age of the Gospel, by the Holy Spirit,
19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?
20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
What all these psychic Shows do is make people believe and get use to hearing from spirits through certain people so that you will look back and say, I know that person had to have some special power.. some even claim it is from God. Satan is doing this ALL AROUND THE WORLD, so that it will be easy to most of the people in his final days loose on earth before he is bound for a 1,000 years.; Demons will do all sorts of Lying wonders. They will often present FACTS, but it will be to make sure you believe something else that is not true.

For instance, Satan has convinced most people I know that once you die you can continue to communicate with the dead. And generally the psychics claim that it is THESE DEAD folk who are telling them where his or her body is; so that the cops can find them. After all of that Cops will believe; just like other people do. Scripture says, THE DEAD KNOWS NOTHING.. that their LOVE, hatred, envy, etc.. has all perished; and that they never have any more a portion in ANYTHING done under the SUN. See how easy it is for the REAL BRILLIANT SATAN to deceive people?
Now I will tell you two secrets or secrets to very many:

1. Those demons could tell the cops everything, but it is better for deception to do it the way they are, for now.ISAIAH CHAPTER 8: 19, Psychics, Demons, Seeers, Ouija Boards, Prophecy, False Prophets, Jesus, Gospel, Dead

2. Notice verse 20 of Isaiah chapter 8. What people should look towards for truth is to the testimony of Christ (Gospel) and to all written in the law and Prophets.

Revelation tells us that the demonic deception will be so good that ONLY those people who hold onto the Law and the testimony; will be SAFE from the Mark of the Beast; which is not a chip or any other thing except it be used to get people to ignore the instructions of God.

But Satan has spent nearly 2,000 years getting members of the church to ditch the law and Prophets and believe what the psychics say. They really believe their dead relatives are up there watching out for them and can come back and help them; like Hollywood has presented with great story lines. in a month or so we will see all sorts of stirring Christmas stories with this theme as a major part of it..


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