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I want to make it perfectly clear that by no means am I fortune teller nor able to predict the future. I will tell you however that as a Bible believing Christian, I am able to often see spiritual issues that non-Christians cannot. This ability to see spiritual issues would include seeing how America continues it’s downward spiritual fall that originally occurred before 2015, but only grew much worse during last year. Now you would think that most Americans would have the ability to see how really bad things have gotten here, Christian or not, not only to see the economic downturn, but also see just how bad-off we’ve become not only socially and morally slimy here, but also how spiritually sick we’ve become as well. Sad fact is, most here just either can’t or refuse to see how far in the bottom of the barrel so-to-speak we as a nation have become.

What most Americans have come to realize is this, they know and are aware something is wrong in this nation but simply do not have, or want the ability to see the causes. I mean, they can see the effect of that problems that we all suffer, but many are simply blinded to the root cause. Most Americans know only this, they are very angry. In fact, not just angry, but really, really pissed-off. There are many reasons why so many Americans are (rightfully)angry and the number one reason most would probably agree to is because of the many(not all)Corrupted Federal, State, County and Local Governments under which we live. Of course the hard line political guru’s and pundits that you see and hear on television and radio, even the internet, feed American’s and their anger with this issue by broadcasting 24 hour news cycles highlighting the Government’s corruption and so-forth. They are mostly corrupted Government propagandist’s who aide and abet the also corrupted Government and get paid to say such things through commercial air-time revenue. But even with all that said and acknowledged, I’m here to tell all the unknowing(whether you are wanting to be made aware or not), the fact of the matter is this, our deeply corrupted Government’s and their whoreish media co-conspirators are not the root cause of the problems that we suffer here, the cause goes much deeper than that.

If you know me, you are already fully aware that because of my former long time experience as a counselor as well as an ordained Christian minister, that I look for the root of any issue or problem. With that experience in hand, I can tell you honestly the root of America’s issues is not American Government, nor is it, if you believe to be the failure of political party’s either. I say this with full knowledge and understanding that both the Democratic and as well as the Republican Party’s both, have leadership that are basically full of liars, thieves and corrupted individuals that are self-serving, and no good filthy hacks, so let’s leave these surface issues, and dig deeper…The real issue for America has always been, and continues to be a matter of the condition of the heart of each and every American. Yes, the American heart, that’s each one of us individually and as well as collectively, aka, “We The People.” And looking at most hearts here in 2016, many hearts are dark, cold, apathetic and hateful who seem bent more on revenge rather than justice. These negative attributes of the heart are the direct contributors to why America continues on it’s negative spiral downward in all areas, not just spiritually. Call it “consequences”, with such focus on “the other guy is the problem, not me”, not the root causes of how we contributed to the issues at hand,(not only in voice but action and or inaction). American’s have allowed this once great nation to become a cesspool of immorality and of becoming a country filled with useless degenerates.

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The surest way to restore America’s republic is to restore our founding Christian principles.

In 2015, and now in to 2016, Paganism has replaced God and the Bible in America. Islam, Atheism, Satanism and every dark and evil thing under the sun is allowed to be taught and shared in our schools as well as our homes and churches. Sadly, only the very few here are able to see how what a horrible and unsafe place much of America has become. I say that not because of the spike in Americans killing cops, or Cops killing Americans, but rather how unsafe it has become because of both the ungodly, and apathetic Americans who together contribute to this nations collapse either though acts of commission or omission. As more and more Americans scream for their “Constitutional Rights” here to fight against the push of the Pagans, Atheists and Islamists, folks are gravitating towards guns as the ultimate solution rather than to God. The effect of turning our blame and search for corrective remedies for this nation to get back on track continues to expressed outward but not inward, where it would be most effective. What have we witnessed because of this fact our first days in 2016? A continued failure towards getting our nation back on track with chaos and destruction ensuing.

In fact, guns and weapon sales are at an all time high in America. We currently see also the growth and popularity of militias to combat evil. I certainly do not condemn guns nor militias but again, America’s problems stem from a spiritual and moral issue, and you can have all the guns and militias you want, they alone will not in the end bring political and well as social stability to our nation and society. Having guns and belonging to militia can be a good thing, but only if they are used in a Christ centered way. Remember, the Bible declares that any effort done in the “flesh”(without God directing), will in the end, only fail.

Our nation was founded on Biblical Principles. Americas Government’s, as well as many hearts of American’s have abandoned the Jesus and Bible that once ruled this great nation. I do not see America’s restoration during 2016 even if you believe that the most Conservative Republican would be elected in 2016. One man cannot change the heart of a people, not even the most Conservative Republican. America’s search for peace, prosperity, cohesiveness never has, and never will depend on any man, nor any government. America’s greatness, will return to everything good will be done through the hearts of Americans to individually repent and return Jesus Christ to the Ruler and Supreme King of this country and the hearts that belong to it..

Watch this video on America’s Christian heritage:

America is on a collision course with eventual destruction and or implosion during 2017. All the right players are in place to see that come to fruition. Obama, Clinton, RINO’s, Democrats, Communists, Islamist’s, Pagans and most influential of all, the millions of “dark, cold, apathetic (all about me) and hateful (American) hearts” here that I mentioned earlier in this article. There is only one way to get America back to her once wonderful and splendid glory, and that is by and through true repentant hearts to Jesus of the Bible. If this does not happen, I guarantee Americans will continue their quest only to buy more guns, talk more about “revolution” and “revolt again our tyrannical Government”, focus on sports, the Kardashians, but in the end, without Jesus Christ at the center of everything, all efforts to save(or stay the current course), this nation will ultimately fail. We will all just choose up sides while our foreign enemies will just sit back, smile and watch us kill each other off.

2017 gives all Americans two choices, return to the Christian God of our Natural Rights while also following through with our responsibilities to put Him first in everything, or, continue the course we seen in 2016 which is the avenue of self-destruction. What say you?

Deuteronomy 28:47-48 “Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness and gladness of heart, because of the abundance of all things, therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord will send against you, in hunger and thirst, in nakedness, and lacking everything. And he will put a yoke of iron on your neck until he has destroyed you.”

By Pastor Paul Waldmiller

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