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I would bet it would be difficult to find any American who pays the least bit of attention to U.S politics and not be aware of the colossal win of Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama U.S Senate Republican Primary. Judge Moore’s win impacts all three major political party’s here, the Democrats, Republicans and of course, the Republican in name only(RINO) crowd as well.

Make no mistake about it, Roy Moore has a long history of fighting for what he believes in and equally, for those who voted for him. Those attributes are among Moore’s greatest strengths. However, for the Democrats and RINO’s alike, they literally hate Roy Moore. They don’t want a man of moral conviction in Washington DC. The Democrats and RINO’s both want more of “The Swamp” where they can control American lives and treat them like chattel. Roy Moore by all indications of his past history, will not stand for such swamp tactics once he gets to Washington DC. Senate Speaker Mitch McConnell himself or some of his cronies may read the “riot act” to Roy Moore, but I feel quite confident that Moore will tell the swamp rats where to stick their riot act!

Moore, Roy Moore, Race, Election, Alabama, Arkansas, Donald Trump, Trump, Elections, The Patriot Institute, Paul Waldmiller

As we had seen throughout the Alabama Republican Primary in Alabama, the RINO’s will only increase their lies, cheating, stealing and play their all too famous, smear campaigns against Moore during the present campaign to see Moore elected to the US Senate. Although Judge Moore is of the same political party as Republicans, these same Republicans will do every ungodly and wicked thing possible to see Roy Moore elected! Of course the Democrats who are the RINO’s best friends in the US Congress and State Government’s as well, will be all to glad to join in and work with the RINO’s to see Roy Moore defeated in the Special Election to be held this coming December.

No doubt, Moore is a threat, a threat to the swamp that is Washington DC. The man stands not only for the Founding Father’s principles of honesty, integrity and moral character, he also stands with President Donald Trump on many, if not every issues as well. Although Roy Moore may see the solutions to the problems that he and President Trump agree on, Moore is definitely in President Trump’s camp.

Moore, Trump, Donald Trump, Judge Moore, Alabama, Arkansas, Donald Trump, Drain the Swamp

For those Republicans and even Blue-Dog Democrats who voted for President Trump because of his stance on “Draining The Swamp”, surely by now you have come to the conclusion as I have, that President Trump is more that a single man with an idea. Indeed, many of you have also found that Donald J. Trump is also an idea, an idea that as our Founding Fathers of this nation had set course for us over two-hundred years ago, the Government’s in the United States of America are “We The People and For The People.”

Moore, Judge Moore, Alabama, Arkansas, Donald Trump, The Patriot Institute, Paul Waldmiller

For generations now, too many Americans have become fat, lazy and apathetic regarding our Government and it’s place in our lives. We’ve watched over the years as politicians, lawyers, judges, police and Government hacks have stolen away many of our Natural Rights given to us by God Himself. Now, God has given us men such as Donald Trump and Judge Roy Moore to begin the process of taking our nation back. Make no mistake about it however! We are indeed responsible with our vote and helping these two men through the process of getting America back to “We The People.” This is only the beginning! Many In America remain in needing to repent to God for their wicked ways, not just the RINO’s and Democrats in Washington DC or our State Government’s. If we are ever going to defeat the swamp in our Nation’s and State Capitol’s, we’re all going to need to pick up our own cross and Follow Christ. This means we’re going to need to get our hands both dirty and probably bloody as well. To get truly get this nation back and fulfill the moral obligation in doing so, will take great sacrifice on every American’s part, including the election of more Godly and moral men such as Judge Roy Moore.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller
Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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