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Mueller is a friend of Comey. He knew that Mueller would most likely be the one appointed. Trump did not have a clue. Other republicans wanting to split the baby with Democrats did what Democrats would never have done: appoint an independent counsel without there even being any evidence of collusion.

Now if you know any thing about independent counsels, they are like kings that no one can touch. They will go on and on, until they find something or twist your words. It will likely have NOTHING to do with what they claimed they were investigating, if they so choose. That is all they have to do to cause every one to THINK that what they have no evidence of is still true. People assume that they are good guys if the MEDIA says so.

If I were president, there could come a point where I would say I am about to fire Mueller… Because he is acting with a team of Democrats, media and donors to Democrats to overthrow the election. But I would give them a chance to prove that after a year they have something. Then I would announce and call for a public hearing so that Mueller and all that have some facts. Prove it before the people of the united States…
If Republicans and Democrats refuse to agree proving it to the people, then they will have to impeach me. Then let most decent Americans decide if they want a duly elected President to be taken down at the whim of the progressive establishment from both sides of the aisle. At least if Americans want a third-world nation, when the establishment can have whomever they want and Americans will no longer have a choice they do not want, they will have the choice of what to do to those representatives. And will get to hear the FACTS OPENLY. After all Russia would already know them.

I said during the primary that if Hillary was elected, no matter how corrupt, she could not be impeached. Why? Because most Democrats do not care about corruption as long as they have the power. But I said that there are enough haters of Trump that Democrats would only need the Trump haters among Republicans to impeach him. But now this it more important than whether you like Trump or not. it is about the integrity of the nation as a viable Constitutional Republic. So if I was President I would take control of my destiny and force them to be honest before the people and let the people choose their poison.

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