By now everyone should be familiar with these Democrat tactics which are always used to eliminate any opposition!

Their latest ploy is to try to undermine Donald Trump’s landslide victory by spreading lies that the Russians somehow managed to undermine Hillary’s bid for the presidency. Julian Assange, founder of WIKILEAKS which released the Podesta emails…appeared on Sean Hannity’s TV Show and emphasized the fact that the leaked John Podesta emails DID NOT come from Russia.

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Even the N.Y. TIMES & the N.Y. Post mentioned in their article that there was NO PROOF that the leaked information came from Russia. However…none of this mattered to the corrupted “mainstream” media which happily jumped on the story spreading the current lie.

James Comey, FBI Director and James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, both deny the truth of this supposed “election” hack by Russia. In fact…the ONLY member of the U.S intelligence community who actually asserted that the Russians sanctioned the hacking was John Brennan, director of the C.I.A. “And Brennan takes his marching orders from President Obama.” said Comey.

However, this FAKE “news story” has dominated the news cycle all week long and has certainly taken the focus off Hillary’s humiliating defeat, her multitude of scandals and the fact that she deleted 33,000 emails…some of which were above top-secret and most-likely hacked by foreign interests!

Apparently…Obama was aware of the fact that the Russians, Chinese & other foreign interests were trying to hack into top-secret government programs as early as 2015…but Obama failed to act, show any concern or even address the issue.

However, this issue suddenly became important to the Democrats…ONLY after Hillary’s devastating loss to Trump… not only once…but twice… as she lost her recount efforts during which Trump picked up even more votes!

The radical leftists, as usual, cannot fact the fact that they were overwhelmingly defeated by the American people and they look to blame anything they can for the outcome of this huge repudiation of everything they believe in. In their ongoing efforts to change the outcome of the election…these radical leftist Democrats are now sending actual “death threats” to the electoral college members to frighten them into voting against Trump.

Now… if you really want to talk about meddling in an election…think back to the last election in Israel. Remember how OBAMA sent over OUR taxpayer money to try to defeat Netanyahu? Well, he not only sent money…he sent his own operatives over there to actually work on the ground with Netanyahu’s opponent in an effort to defeat Netanyahu!

Do you remember, more recently, how Obama tried to influence the Brexit vote in England??

It has been said…”The price of freedom is constant vigilance!” We must ALWAYS remain constantly vigilant and continue to spread the truth…as the Socialist leftist Democrats will NEVER stop working to take over our country…they just regroup and come at it from a different angle!

Carol Byers
Patriot Institute Contributor

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