Thanks to ESSA's passage into law and all those supporting the law, the death knell of 'school choice' has already been rung.

School’s Fools?
A look at the scam of “National School Choice Week”

by Lynne M. Taylor

Patriots, as I assured you in my last article, I wasn’t shying away from the truth, no matter how unpopular it is. When it comes to protecting our freedoms (which included life choices), I mean business. When it comes to educational fraud, again, I mean business.

ESSA Makes “Choice” An Illusion:

Patriots, “ESSA” stands for ‘Every Student Succeeds Act’ and was signed into law in Dec. 2015. It was touted as a Christmas gift for the nation. It was also spun as a THE way to ‘give’ educational control BACK to the States.

What those in D.C. obviously chose to overlook is that, ESSA, like every OTHER federally based law surrounding education, is ILLEGAL. They also seem to forget that the powers of the U.S. Constitution prohibit federal overreach into education. Our Constitution also made it 100% crystal clear that the States had 100% control of many items and issues. One of these was, and is, education. 

In short, Patriots, the States always had educational control! What swayed the States to give up that 100% control? Money.

As we’ve seen from many researchers and education activists, while the portion of taxpayer funds from the federal level is small, the strings to those small amounts are 100%. Yes, the States and their respective taxpayers still continue to pay the lion’s share of local education. Yet, because the federal government has its hand in the pot, ‘local control’ is really a illusion.

With “Local Control” Comes ‘School Choice’:

Back in 2015, my fellow education activist and friend, Alice Linahan (Women on the Wall) conducted a national conference call. The topic was the deception about ‘school choice’ BEFORE ESSA was passed into law. At the time of this recording, ESSA hadn’t been voted on by the U.S. Congress. It was a dire warning to our nation.

Along with ESSA’s passage, the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) was also made into law. While that FERPA was originally supposed to protect families from data mining, an EO (Executive Order) issued by Pres. Obama. The EO gutted every single piece of FERPA which protected your private information. (*Note: those continuing to lie about ESSA, also lie about FERPA.)

National School Choice Week:

Patriots, if you missed my recent article from my “Common Core Diva” blog, here it is. In it, I embedded another scathing report by Alice Linahan on the deception behind the yellow scarves which National School Choice uses as a propaganda tool. You also will find the latest information for the Jan. 21st-27th, 2018 Week from my research.

If you were not aware, National School Choice Week was begun back in 2011. This was about the time that the full grasp of Common Core had taken over the nation’s schools. However, many hear “Common Core” and assume it only impacted public schools or public charter schools. This is another illusion. Common Core actually has impacted every school choice available! This includes home education, church-based schools run as ministries, on-line schools, private schools, and hybrid schools. Common Core is also in every level of education in America. As another education activist, Anita Hoge, has put it “womb to tomb” is the goal for ‘learning’ in America.


Patriots, in the coming days, be warned: you’ll hear an increase in the political fodder about how great ‘school choice’ is the the “ESSA Era*”, you’ll hear celebrities fawn over how great ‘choice’ is. You’ll see more commercials.
(*Note: “ESSA Era” is a phrase I’ve developed from my “Common Core Diva” blog.)

You may even know of an event near you celebrating National School Choice Week. Don’t be a ‘school’s fool’ in buying the hype. Resist! Rebutt! Revolt!

Thanks to ESSA’s passage into law and all those supporting the law, the death knell of ‘school choice’ has already been rung.

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