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A road map and a plan to reclaim and restore our constitution, our liberty and our futures. Constitutional sheriffs are on the front line of nullification.

Think of a stool. If it were on two legs, it would be wobbly. Four is unstable on any surface that is not level. A three legged stool, however, sits solidly on any surface.

Nullification has three legs; nullification by state legislature, nullification by jury and nullification by law enforcement officers.

Nullification by state legislature is the state declaring to the federal government that they have overstepped their Constitutional authority and the state will not comply.

Sheriffs, Nullification, US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Jon Colson, The Patriot Institute

Jury nullification is where a jury refuses to convict someone who is clearly in violation of a law and all evidence proves him guilty, but the jury decides that the law is unjust. Most people do not realize that, as jurors, they have the right and power to judge not only the accused, but also the law itself.

Law enforcement officers have similar authority. Just like they can issue a warning when they catch someone speeding, it is their option whether or not to arrest someone who is in violation of any law. They can do this because they are giving the person a chance or they can do this because they disagree with the law.

This is where the term Constitutional Sheriff comes from. Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham County Arizona began the Constitutional Sheriff movement after federal agents came to his county and told his department how they would comply with the newly passed Brady Bill. The Brady Bill was a violation of the 2nd Amendment, and for federal agents to tell a county sheriff’s department that they must enforce the law and how to enforce it was an encroachment upon his authority as the county sheriff.

Sheriff Mack decided to sue the federal government. Six other sheriffs joined the lawsuit and it went all the way to the US Supreme Court. They won the case. The Supreme Court ruled based on the 10th Amendment that the federal government was overstepping its authority.

This was the beginning of CSPOA – Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Since then, over 500 county sheriffs have joined to stand and defend the 2nd Amendment and more than 300 have received extensive training on the rights of the people and the limits on the federal government as written in the US Constitution. That number continues to grow.

Constitutional sheriffs and peace officers are the last line of defense in their own counties against abuses by the federal government. They have sworn to protect the citizens of their counties from such violations of the Constitution.

What is our role in all of this? First and foremost, it is to elect a sheriff in your county that understands the US Constitution and is committed to defend it. If you are not sure how to tell, this link is a quiz that you can ask any candidate for county sheriff to fill out. If they will not, then they are likely not a Constitutional sheriff. If they do, look at their answers. If the appropriate answer is not clear to you, feel free to contact me at and I would be happy to discuss their answers with you.

Sheriffs, US Constitution, States Rights, 10th Amendment, Jon Colson, The Patriot Institute

We must take this country back from the ground up. It begins with We The People. Next is our city and county officials, followed by state legislatures.

If your sheriff is not a Constitutional sheriff, I urge you to show up at the primary and then the general and vote against him/her. Continue to do this until you find one that is upholding his/her oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and then you have found one that you should elect and keep electing until they will no longer serve.

I would also encourage you to visit the CSPOA website and look around. See what they are doing. Learn about their role in preserving the Constitution. While you are there, if you have the means, make a donation. Sheriff Mack recently had a heart attack and is unable to work. His commitment to CSPOA is the cornerstone of the organization. Helping him with a donation of any size is a declaration that you are with him and appreciate all that he has done to protect your rights.

Together, we CAN take this country back.

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