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This article is going to touch on the opposite of the Grey man concept. I was very lucky to have a conversation on this topic the other day which gave me this new perspective. Remember, this is only my opinion, but hopefully it will get you thinking as well.

The world has changed from how you knew it. Cars are no longer running, the government was overwhelmed and cannot provide any relief, everything normal from before SHTF no longer applies as survival becomes your number one priority… Now, what happens when you are out and about scrounging for supplies and you happen upon a very attractive woman? Her clothes are form fitting. Her hair is kept brushed. She is even wearing a little makeup. She is just trying to hang on to what is normal, trying not to let the reality of such harsh reality to sink in, right? Or what happens if you are dodging through an area you know to have some rough characters, and you are just trying to bring home the two dented cans or corn you found under the pillaged grocery store in the middle of town, when you see a child all alone? He is dirty and looks lost. Bruises, black and purple, color his cheek. You know deep in your heart you need to save this little innocent child who turns to you and smiles, begging for your help.

Well, regardless of coming across an individual who is well kept, or is in obvious need of help, you need to be on your guard. Just look at the movie- The Book Of Eli. At one point in the movie, there is a woman who is down on the ground, cart broken, and in need of help. She cries out to those she hears close by. But she doesn’t really need help- she is playing the bait in a trap meant to lure good Samaritans in. This could happen to you in a SHTF situation. You may be the good Samaritan willing to help the poor weak woman or the helpless child.

SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival, Gray Man, Grey Man, The Patriot Institute, Lora Duarte

Another twist to this is if you come across a seemingly well kept individual. Say the woman you found asked you for help. You get closer to her, afraid to talk loudly and draw unwanted attention to you both. She hesitates when you offer to take her some place safe, and then smiles when others come out, surrounding you. They may take you as a prisoner, or even kill you just for the pack of matches and working flashlight you have in your ratty back pack. At that point, it becomes obvious it was a trap. Or, instead of you being overwhelmed by a group who sat waiting in the fringes, she may take you up on the offer to go some place safe. She tells you that her last location was over-run, causing her to flee into the city to avoid getting taken, or worse. Once she agrees to your help, you leave the area and as the sun begins to set, you find a place to duck into and rest for the night. You take first watch, and she agrees to the second since she is extremely grateful for the help. Your shift goes well, you wake her up and she takes watch as you drift into a decent sleep, glad not to be alone and having to sleep with one eye open. You wake up many hours later, realizing you were lulled into a false sense of security, as the woman- and your bag of supplies- are long gone.

These are things you need to watch out for in an SHTF scenario, not only do you have to try to blend in- become invisible– you need to also be on the look out for those who are not. It may be cold and heartless to say leave them, but that may be exactly what you should do.

If you think they may really need help, then my only suggestion would be to find a place to hold up to watch. Unless they already spotted you, then it may be safer to hightail it out of the area. If they don’t see you, maybe watch a few hours, see if anyone comes out of the shadows to interact with them. You may see someone bring the child water, or talk to the woman. Or they may be playing bait because they have no other option. There could be a “pimp” in the shadows, willing to beat the woman or child, if they are unsuccessful in their rouse. No matter what, you need to make sure you are not walking into a trap. You may also find out if you are outnumbered or not, which may hamper any rescue attempts as well.

Okay, you may be thinking that I am fantasizing about the worst in people. I assure you- I am not. Just look at the terrorists who use women and children as suicide bombers to attack our soldiers overseas. That is something that happens quite frequently during this day and age. It is a scary thought that it may only get worse in an SHTF situation, but you need to be prepared. Keep your situational awareness up no matter what, and try not to stand out. You never know what you will encounter in an SHTF scenario.

Thank you for reading my article on The Patriot Institute. Feel free to leave a response to this article in the comment section!

Lora Duarte

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