Patriots, bad legislation is BAD. It shouldn't survive, regardless of which Chamber of Congress it comes from.

“Sister Bills”
Lynne M. Taylor

Federal Overreaches in Education

Patriots, it’s not a secret that our U.S. Congress has overstepped it’s legally binding authority on several occasions, especially where education is concerned. Through my researching, I’ve seen a distinct pattern:
when Congress has ‘sister bills’, it usually means that one way or another, the purposed legislation will somehow survive. Since the Common Core Machine rolled into D.C., ‘sister bills’ have been popping up more and more.

So, Patriots, what do I mean by a ‘sister bill’? The phrase refers to several likenesses.
1) The bills are very closely related in content.
2) Then, most of the time, the sisters MAY have the same name OR one which is very similar. These type of ‘sister bills’ would be ‘twins’.
3) Next, ‘sister bills’ are usually traceable to the same backers or supporters.
4) Lastly, these ‘sisters’ are usually not very nice in nature.

A wise and seasoned media contact has shared with me that from the track record seen in Congress, whatever title a bill has, expect the opposite to come to fruition. For example: the ‘sister bills’ for our Budget at a federal level.  BOTH promised all kinds of greatness, yet, have delivered unmentionable harm to many.

Sisters in Education:

So what does all this have to do with American education? Patriots, step back in time to 2015, in the months before ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) became law (12/15). In those months, there were a pair of ‘sisters’. HR 5 and S 1177. Both were the ‘best’ option to updating ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965). HR 5’s name was the “Student Success Act”; S 1177’s name was “Every Child Achieves Act”. These ‘sisters’ promised America a complete eradication of Common Core State Standards.

Patriots, not only did these ‘sisters’ lie to you; the people responsible for creating these bills lied…and continue to lie to you in 2017. Trouble is, those in charge are our elected Congressional men and women. They’ll be back in early 2018 to continue lying to us about education and their overreaches.

Patriots, if you have NO idea how much you’ve been lied to about federal legislation returning power to the States about education decisions (which ESSA was supposed to do; especially since loud mouthed Congress members told us it would. But, how many of these members READ ESSA?

It was a mammoth bill released a mere matter of hours before it was to be voted which Congress member actually read it to KNOW the States would get back their sovereignty??)

This begs the question as to WHY did STATES sacrifice their sovereignty in the first place? The answer, Patriots, is one word: money.

Let me point out that many of these SAME Congress members STILL have no clue that the States, via ESSA, have LESS control than ever?

Flip that knowledge to the citizens, and I can tell you, MANY citizens have not only read ESSA’s every word, but have been trying to educate their Congress men and women to NO AVAIL!

Patriots, we simply cannot have Congress men and women who vote before reading; who conduct press conferences acting as if they know a bill, when in fact what they are promoting is ‘hearsay’. We, the People, must hold our Congress men and women MORE accountable, not less. We CANNOT assume our voices are being represented.

Why am I bringing up ESSA? After all, it became law in 2015. However, it’s implementation process is going on NOW, in 2017, and will continue into 2018. All the mandates (which include a bigger foot print for federal overreach) are beginning to show up in current proposed legislation. Some of the mandates from ESSA are automatic and tied to the federal funding streams flowing into the States. Other mandates are being divided up and showing up in ‘sister bills’ and in single legislation. The more tied to the CCSS Machine the federal overreach is, the more ‘sisters’ we’ll continue to see.

A Challenge for You:

Patriots, I know it’s approaching the most festive season of the year for all of us. I realize the LAST thing you may wish to read about or discuss is federal legislation. However, I’ve learned that while Congress rushes through its last bits of business before heading home for Christmas, we have a golden opportunity to arm ourselves with as much knowledge as we can.

Why? If we have ANY opportunity to influence our Congress men and women, then we MUST know that of which we speak.

Over the coming days, I’ll be sharing with you as much as I can as to the most current ‘sisters’ which mean to HARM our educational system..not improve it. Sure, there are single bills which can pack just as big a punch as the ‘sisters’.

What we need to hold onto, though, is this:

Congress means to have at least one of each of the sets of ‘sisters’ survive. It appears their goal isn’t so much to benefit us, but to satisfy their corporate donors. Our job as Patriots: to spoil that in one Chamber or both.

So, if a House bill dies, then the Senate’s version will need to survive; according to those in D.C. However, Patriots, do NOT forget it is we, who have even MORE power! Question is will we use it?

Patriots, bad legislation is BAD. It shouldn’t survive, regardless of which Chamber of Congress it comes from. If our Representatives and Senators do not see the harm, it is up to US to show them. It is up to us to STOP them!

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Patriots, do we have what it takes to hold Congress accountable? Will we use it?


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