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We are at a crossroads in our country; one that will determine the future course of our nation. It’s a time for choosing and the choices could not be more different.

Will you choose freedom, liberty and self-governance or will you choose to descend further into the abyss of socialism and the “nanny state” where big government takes care of everything in your life from the cradle to the grave?

Are you willing to trade your freedom to live the way you want…free of ever-increasing government regulations and more restrictive laws in exchange for free cell phones?…unending unemployment benefits?…and ever-expanding welfare benefits? Most Americans realize the folly of socialism but sadly …half the country is seemingly willing to make this trade.

As American universities churn out more and more young socialists…Americans are in danger of losing increasing freedoms to these ill-informed young people who’ve been brainwashed into thinking socialism is great… not knowing or realizing that socialism has failed every place it has been tried.

Sadly, most people don’t know that socialism was experimented with by our earliest settlers who ended up nearly starving to death…because only a few of them would actually work! But then…why would they? They got fed whether they worked or not! Much the same as what is happening in our country today with a welfare system that enslaves generations.

While socialism was failing in early America… the settlers were starving and dying. With even more settlers arriving soon…they realized something else needed to be done.

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So, they decided to try something different. The land was parceled out according to family size and the people were told they could keep what they produced. It was then they ALL became industrious and the colony started to prosper. Soon…there was an abundance! That was the beginning of capitalism which catapulted America into the greatest, wealthiest nation in the world!

As mentioned in the book, ‘THE 5,000 YEAR LEAP’, America accomplished more in just 200 years than all the previous countries did in the preceding 5,000 years!

Today however, capitalism…the engine that drove America to greatness is under constant attack and entitlement has replaced a work ethic in a population which feels it deserves handouts!

The past 8 years have severely damaged our economy, increased poverty and unemployment to record levels while destroying our rights!

Yes…it’s a time for choosing and the choices could not be more different! So, choose wisely my friends your freedom, liberty and prosperity depends on it!

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