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Lynne M. Taylor

Patriots, we are finding ourselves in a very chaotic and busy time of the year. It seems like every time we turn around there’s a new area of issues which vie for our patriotic touch.

To me, no issue is more important that the educational setting in America.

IT STINKS to high Heaven!


Patriots, “ESSA” is short for the ‘Every Student Succeeds Act’.

What stinks about ‘student success’? For starters, ESSA is a federal education law. Our U.S. Constitution and federal laws created to keep the government out of education have been ignored and trashed for years now. There wasn’t supposed to be a federal education law, at all!

What stinks about that? No President (current one included) has had the gumption to get the government OUT of education! In fact, the current and past Presidents have side-stepped the issue.

Campaign promises made and broken for the extraction of Common Core could fill a trash can.

Here’s another stench connected to ESSA; it was SUPPOSED to ‘kill’ Common Core.  ESSA codified all that goes with Common Core, as well.

Major stink bomb moment.

What else is stinking up our nation about ESSA? The global ties embedded in the law which support the United Nations goals for education, NOT America’s goals, ideals, or, beliefs.

October 24th will be recognized as UN Day here in America. While the festivities are going on in New York City, look at the screen shot below. This is from the UN Day Awards page. Notice what I’ve highlighted for you:

Patriots, if you cannot read the print, what I’m pointing out to you is the ‘global citizen’, the ‘universally’ agreed upon actions America is willingly and proudly participating in by upholding the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). (*Note: use the UN Day Award link to view the Awards in their entirety.)

The SDGs are thoroughly embedded in education here in America. Thanks to recent committments by the current Administration and laws like ESSA, these Goals will continue to increase in classrooms across America and in EVERY education choice available.

Not Stinky, Just Evil:

Patriots, recently I uncovered something in American education which doesn’t just ‘stink’, but is plain evil. As hard as it is to write about it, to have our nation and its citizens informed, we MUST talk about this type of egregious (and down right scary) content. To what am I referring?

After School Satan Clubs

Patriots, I urge you to read my published article about these Clubs. Their numbers are increasing. Thanks to ESSA, not only will we see an increase in Satanic groups, but other questionable groups and their access to our kids. We’ll see them have an increased presence in schools. Because ESSA is so stinky, these types of groups are not only creating ‘fun’ for public school students, they are seeking every type of student.

This should concern EVERY Patriot!

A Patriotic Solution Does Exist!

If you’ve not heard about the recent news to abolish the U.S. Dept. of Education via a one sentence proposed Bill (HR899), I urge you to read this recent article. In it you’ll find the more patriotic way to remove the U.S. Dept. of Education begins with Repealing ESSA.

Using existing legal courses of action and established laws, Patriots, we can have a more successful opportunity of removing not only the stench of ESSA, but the stench of federal overreaches in education*; of the stench of UN in our education*, and the stench of those ideals of select groups which are not in line with our family viewpoints.
(*Note: the ‘education’ link will take you to the NEA, National Education Association’s website for 2017 UN Day lessons. The ‘federal overreaches’ link will take you to Anita Hoge’s latest article from the Capitol Outsider.)

Patriots, what we really need are more of us to stand up against what is going on in education. We MUST work together in the BEST way possible to PROTECT our children.

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