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We have all seen the disturbing trend of tearing down statues of the Confederacy.  The claim among the groups carrying out these acts is that the statues are symbols of racism from the Civil War and should be removed. The truth is more sinister.

ANTIFA, or anti-fascist, is a violent, far-left group directly and indirectly funded by the evil George Soros.  Soros has been trying to destroy Western civilization for decades. This latest movement, born of the left’s hatred for President Trump and Hillary Clinton’s loss in the last election, is just Soro’s latest tool. ANTIFA and the other groups being indoctrinated, motivated and in many cases, paid to hit the streets to demonstrate and erase American history are nothing more than useful idiots.

Since the earliest days of Cultural Marxism in America, more than 100 years ago, it has been the goal to destroy every fabric of American life: family, morals, religion, and yes, history.  Cultural Marxism has become Political Correctness, but remains the exact same thing with the exact same goals: destroy American culture, divide us against ourselves and instill a sense of fear in standing up and speaking out against what we instinctively know to be wrong.

Does tearing down statues from the Civil War end racism today? No. Does tearing down these statues change the past? No, obviously it doesn’t. The Civil War ended 152 years ago. No one alive today either was a slave or owned slaves.  This whole movement is a very thinly veiled attack against all of us and everything for which this country stands.

No, that doesn’t mean these statues or the defense of these statues honor slavery or honors the society that perpetuated slavery or racism.

Destroying these historic statues simply divides us further against ourselves and serves to destroy American history.  Its working.

The riots in Charlottesville clearly demonstrate how well their Cultural Marxist agenda is coming together by ripping us apart. The groups on the left don’t even bother trying to hide their devotion to communism. Soviet communist flags are prominently waved at ANTIFA events and protests.

statues, statue, Soviet Union, Communists, Fascists, Liberals, Charlottesville, KKK, Protests, George SorosThis is very reminiscent of the street riots between the fascists and communists in Germany before the rise of Adolf Hitler and World War II. Is America in the same place?

The New American describes the ANTIFA movement perfectly. “The Antifa movement in the U.S. is a return to the communist paramilitary riot tactics developed to fight the Brownshirts of the Weimar Republic. The goal was to terrorize middle-class Germans into rejecting the Nazis who had embraced the social-welfare programs of prior regimes.”

Following the clashes between communist ANTIFA and the supremacists in Charlottesville, it wasn’t enough for President Trump to come out calling for unity and decrying the violence on both sides. No, he was pressured to ONLY come out against the “Nazis.”

One would think that after the horrific riots and death in Charlottesville, people would stand up against these groups and put a stop to this madness. Not at all.  Instead, cities like Baltimore creep out in the dark of night to remove their own statues for fear of riots in their city. They completely surrender to the Cultural Marxists waving their false banners of oppression.

The idea that all symbols of any past with which they disagree MUST be eradicated is not just a symptom of ANTIFA. There is another terror group in the world that does the exact same thing: ISIS. The ideals and methods are the same. The fundamentalist Islamic terror group destroys every symbol of any opposing view in every piece of territory they conquered.

Priceless statues and artifacts that were thousands of years old had to be destroyed because they depicted a time and an ideology / religion with which ISIS disagreed. Theirs is the ONLY viewpoint that is allowed. All freedom of speech, action and thought must be destroyed to support ISIS.


Sound familiar?

Today’s Cultural Marxists behave exactly the same way. On college campuses, in the streets and now in our city parks, no dissenting voice or view is allowed. Anything depicting a viewpoint or a history that these terrorists disagrees with must be removed. This is also a test for the rest of American civil society.  They’re trying to see just how far they can push us. Can this small but very vocal and violent group force the rest of us to silently sit by as our history is erased? So far, yes.

This is just the beginning. ANTIFA and other Cultural Marxist groups, largely funded by George Soros, will continue to riot in the streets and push their social and cultural agenda onto the rest of us. The silencing of critics, violence and riots will continue to be the norm for this growing group of communistic anarchists. The real question is what are we going to do about it?

Our way of life and our great Constitutional representative republic hangs in the balance.




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