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Terror attacks in Manchester, England and in the Philippines have captured headlines this week.  Just today there was another terror attack in Egypt where gunmen opened up on a bus full of Christians, killing at least 28  people.

Just how big a problem is Islamic terror? Huge. We are at war. Even if our Western leaders refuse to acknowledge that we are at war, there simply is no questioning that Islam is at war with us.

Since and including the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States, according to The Religion of Peace, this is the list of global terror attacks with the number of casualties:

2001 (9/11 – 12/31) – 176 Islamic attacks in 12 countries, in which 3508 people were killed and 1561 injured.

2002 – 667 Islamic attacks in 24 countries, in which 2849 people were killed and 6055 injured.

2003 – 870 Islamic attacks in 33 countries, in which 3273 people were killed and 6710 injured.

2004 – 1115 Islamic attacks in 37 countries, in which 7166 people were killed and 14570 injured.

2005 – 1845 Islamic attacks in 38 countries, in which 7625 people were killed and 12855 injured.

2006 – 2779 Islamic attacks in 42 countries, in which 15245 people were killed and 19496 injured.

2007 – 3096 Islamic attacks in 45 countries, in which 20478 people were killed and 27317 injured.

2008 – 2212 Islamic attacks in 41 countries, in which 10798 people were killed and 18088 injured.

terror, terrorism, Terrorists, Manchester, Boku Haram, 9/11, ISIS

Bodies of burned victims in Nigeria by Muslim terror group Boku Haram (mediaoutrage.com)

2009 – 2131 Islamic attacks in 40 countries, in which 9176 people were killed and 18612 injured.

2010 – 2023 Islamic attacks in 48 countries, in which 9233 people were killed and 17461 injured.

2011 – 1986 Islamic attacks in 57 countries, in which 9086 people were killed and 16921 injured.

2012 – 2480 Islamic attacks in 58 countries, in which 11546 people were killed and 20254 injured.

2013 – 2823 Islamic attacks in 49 countries, in which 16777 people were killed and 29579 injured.

2014 – 3002 Islamic attacks in 55 countries, in which 33463 people were killed and 27522 injured.

2015 – 2862 Islamic attacks in 53 countries, in which 27594 people were killed and 26142 injured.

2016 – 2479 Islamic attacks in 59 countries, in which 21242 people were killed and 26680 injured.

2017 – 859 Islamic attacks in 46 countries, in which 5917 people were killed and 6324 injured.

Since the attacks of 9/11 there have been 33,405 Islamic terror attacks across the world resulting in 214,976 people killed and 296,147 wounded. These numbers do not include any battlefield casualties from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen or other countries where Islam is engaging in open warfare.  Between 9/11/2001 and May 26, 2017 there have been 5737 days.  That translates into 5.8 Islamic terror attacks a day, every day for almost 16 years.

Can you just imagine what would happen if there were 6 attacks by Christian terrorist every day?! Or even 6 Christian terror attacks period since 9/11.  Christian churches would be monitored, the media would have a field day calling Christians and Christianity a “religion of violence” even while they still hold to the narrative that the religion that HAS killed 214,976 people since 9/11 the “religion of peace!”

The Left, even after the Manchester attack, is still apologizing for Islam and making excuses calling for tolerance and even calling for allowing even more Muslim “refugees” into Western Europe! That’s insanity!

Following the Manchester attack which killed 22 people including children at an Ariana Grande concert, the media and liberals took to the airways and social media calling for people to not use this murder of innocent people as an excuse to speak out against Islam.

Zerohegde provides a couple examples, Quen Took posted the following tweet…”Don’t use incident as an excuse for Islamophobia. Stand with our beautiful Muslim siblings & don’t scapegoat innocent people.” Also, TheBardAsPundit warned that engaging in “Islamophobia” may provoke more terror attacks…”I have a good idea. Let’s piss off more Muslims with mindless Islamophobia. That should help.”

ABC News warned of an “Anti-Islamic backlash” that might breakout across Europe.

The West had better wake up and soon, or we will lose the war that liberals, Democrats and progressives won’t even acknowledge is being waged against us and all humanity.











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