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Isn’t it obvious that they are not the governing party. They are in control in name only and nothing more. Failure after failure in the Senate. It mounts by the score. It is becoming apparent to we, their base, that the GOP cannot help themselves in causing flat out misery. The voters fifteen months from now will issue a verdict that will seal their fate. One does not know what the future holds. We will just have to wait.

I cannot believe we have reached such a dire state. We have and there is enough blame to pass around. In the end John McCain saves The TYRANT. This despicable cretin proves yet again he is mentally unsound. Let’s face facts, my fellow patriots, the Republicans are on path to surrender. That is the case. We so detest this. It is such an absolute disgrace. An abdication of governing is what we have been witnessing. Past the grave yard we hear the interminable whistling.

Incredulously we see a majority political party cater to a minority that we hope will rot. How I would love to knock the glasses from the tip of Schumer’s nose. I’d give it quite a swat. There was no way in hell that the Democrats would help propose new ideas to fix Obamacare. Instead they will run next year on the promise to repair what the GOP failed miserably to do. The Republicans have become a laughing stock. Don’t tell me that comes as a shock.

To burn McCain and the other two Despicable RINOS in effigy would certainly get our point across. It is incomprehensible for this bunch that has control of Congress to suffer humiliating loss after loss. POS is what they are. No, fellow patriots, it is not what you are thinking. It stands for the ‘Party Of Surrender’. They so can drive us to drinking.

I will end this post by repeating an expression that I use a lot to describe this pathetic Republican Party. It brings out what they do with such uncanny ability. Once again to our utter dismay and disgust they manage TO SNATCH DFEAT FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY!!

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