Yesterday Facebook put me in jail for two weeks for the second year in a row. I posted what I am guessing to be a very controversial article. A Veterans Day salute and as I did last year, my focus was on the Vietnam vet. I have appealed my sentence and asked them to give me the specific reason for my punishment. So far it has been silence. I am directly opposed to all of Facebook’s political leanings. I never use foul language and I never do ad hominem attacks. I attack ideas and actions that are expressed and made. I am very critical of these and I have a tremendous amount of research, knowledge and experience to defend my views.

The liberal mantra has gotten to the point that it is as fascist as Hitler was. Anyone who dares to speak against it MUST be silenced and gotten rid of. My friends come from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. The true friends will listen to my views as I will theirs. We have a friendship that is bonded by mutual respect of the person we are and not by our political ideology. A few of my high school friends have “Unfriended” this week and a few have since I went public with my views. I have even been unfriended by relatives that I have known all my life and love dearly.

The darkest and the most dangerous ideal of today’s liberals is that there is no room for discussion. This is not surprising as having children from the age of 12 to 40, I have observed a very dangerous transition from what I was well taught critical thinking, where you questioned everything, investigated it from all viewpoints and then formed your own opinion. Sadly today led by the liberal left, the left leaning media and the mantra they have with little opposition espoused our public schools have become public indoctrination centers.

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Colleges in America have become nothing but leftist indoctrination centers.

For my high school friends, I think back to the most influential teacher that I never had a class with, “Mr Mez” as we called him. He and I spent many an hour discussing things before and after school. This quote from him is still with me 47 years later, “The most dangerous thing in the world is a closed mind, because no bridges will be ever crossed and all learning will stop.” What a brilliant man and an even greater teacher. So we MUST all come to grips with this election. I believe that it was as much a repudiation of the dangerous PC world where only one thought and opinion must be allowed much less tolerated.

The majority of Americans have said this MUST end. In this instance “E Pluribus Unum” means out of many thoughts and ideas comes unity. Unity can never be forced,it must come from open and honest discussion from ALL viewpoints. Without honest open discussion it always leads to mutiny. And this week it did! The electorate spoke loudly this election with populist leaning Donald Trump winning 31 of the states and 306 of the electoral votes. The message is loud and clear, the days of Political Correctness and one sided thinking is over. The people have said that we must return to the values which made our nation great. We MUST once again become a nation of critical thinkers.

This is why I have chosen to unite with the Patriot Institute.

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The National Vote Out Incumbents and Christian, Conservative, Patriot and Not Afraid have formed an alliance to restore America

We will be offering classes teaching the constitution in the way it was once taught. Embracing and explaining our founding principles. We will have training for potential political candidates for public office. We will teach both the rights of the individual citizen and of the states as intended by our constitution and more importantly the duties of the citizen and state to protect and preserve the overreach we are under today. We will be offering ideas and advice for everyday endeavors such as health and the many time proven alternatives that have been all but swept away by modern medicine. Ideas for better gardening, for disaster preparation and many more as the need arises. We will be providing a way to link like minded people together locally and by state. We will also offer a list of professional services that are within your service area, where you will be able to barter for services or secure services with like minded people for liberty, freedom and the unencumbered pursuit of happiness.

This is our recipe for making America great again, which will indeed “Drain The Swamp” in all levels of government that need it.

By Michael Bowman
Patriot Institute Columnist

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  1. Krissie Britt 3 years ago

    Amazing insight and truths!
    It is wonderful to teach the constitution but, I am wondering if those that really need to learn it will, for fear of following it. It is clear to me that their parents don’t respect the constitution. There are many that looked the other way when Obama ignored it.
    I am not so sure that tolerance can be learned either. It seems more of a moral issue. Learning, respecting and abiding in the constitution requires a certain amount of ‘tolerance’. There is also the issue of authority. This generation does not respect authority. We see this now with all of the rioting and vandalism. The constitution will be upheld when we have found leadership with values for upholding law and order. Right now we have a very sad situation with chaos and rebellion as the decline of our constitution is being disrespected.

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