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The North Koreans must think that President Trump’s predecessor is still in place or maybe they are under the illusion that President has his hands tied and nothing will be done. We have a Commander in Chief at the ready to take care of that fat despot, Kim Jon-un. What Trump says Trump means. You first heard it from his mouth not from a cockamamie tweet. North Korea should heed his words and don’t think for an instant we will be bullied. We don’t tolerate any kind of defeat.

President Trump is  a winner. He has always been a winner and he’ll win with North Korea.

Of course the media will try and scare us more than is necessary. They’ll try and convince the vast uninformed dolts that our President is looking to start a war. So reprehensible are they. So rotten to the core. The media does not and will not attribute any blame for this crisis to the North Korean regime, or to any of Trump’s predecessors who allowed it to come to such a precipice.

My fellow patriots, we need not worry. Under this President we will be safe. We will be secure. Secretary of Defense Mattis assures us that all of our forces are at the ready. There is a military solution in place to address this North Korea threat. If that Despot tries anything he will encounter a response that he will never forget.

So thankful everyone of us must be. Could you imagine if instead of Trump at a time like this if we had a President Hillary? That is the thought that is most terrifying. Eight years of appeasement has been quite enough I would dare say. We can rest knowing that Trump will handle this threat in the most sane and sensible way.

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