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The fundamental transformation of America, through the adept exercise of the socialist, but more communistic teachings of Saul Alinsky, an avowed Marxist, has not been brought to completion and full fruition. It now lies in the balance of their dogmatic goals. The baton has now been passed to Hillary Clinton to complete this transformation.

Today, we are still clinging to our Representative Republic. The true facts were and are still true today, our republic is fragile. Why? Because as our Founding Fathers so wisely and so eloquently warned US. Our Constitution and our Common Law both find their roots in the Bible of the Christian faith.

How did we go from a nation, simultaneously victorious in tow world wars against two enemies determined to destroy US? The words “Under God” were added our Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 at the urging of President Eisenhower, in acknowledgement that God had sustained our nation in times of peril and vicious assault. Every soldier, regardless of faith were issued a Bible with a written encouragement by President Franklin Roosevelt to read it and continuously be in prayer to God for safe keeping.

Our nation’s acknowledgement of God gifting our nation with His unalienable rights, freedom and liberty, so that no man or now no woman, with and through deviant behavior, could ever destroy these gifts from God. This premise was and still is the backbone of Our US Constitution. Which as so eloquently acknowledged by President Truman.

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America’s rule of law has always been based on a moral background.

Today we are yet at another crossroad in the history of our nation. The most troubling aspect of this challenge is that NEVER as a nation have we been so devoid of the moral character. The character that only comes from an yielding faith and trust in God Almighty. Several of our Founding Fathers warned US that if we ever failed to stand firmly behind the Word of God and if we ever failed to only elect those to public office, those who also by deed and actions also stand firmly behind the Word of God that our Republic would soon be in peril. We are today in that peril.
We have by our absence of being ever vigilant in the primary duty of our citizenship. That duty is ALWAYS hold those whom we elect, to be fully subservient to the people. We were also well warned to make sure that our individual sovereign states never allowed the federal government, they created to ever usurp first the full authority of the people and thus the full authority of creators, the original thirteen states and so wisely transferred to any future states that enter the union.

Our Constitution was written under Common Law. There is no enumerated authority within it, that allows for it to be interpreted by using Statutory Law. Common Law, simply put comes from God and fully guarantees the rights of man, even to the point that all men have the right to accept Him as Sovereign or to reject him without consequence from other men. He, Himself only has that supreme authority.

Statutory law on the other hand are laws created and implemented by man to regulate and or control other men. There are reasons for statutory laws to provide for the orderly operation of society. Having said that,, there is no reason for the over abundant statutory laws we have today at the federal level. Our Founding Fathers well knew that restrictive laws should be reserved for the body of government closet to the people. I was taught them to be mores, or local community standards. The federal government has NO constitutional enumerated authority to dictate or regulate local communities with the exception of national emergency, under a well defined condition that threatens the sovereignty of an individual state or a threat over any or all states, thereby being a clear and pressing threat to the citizens.

Today, we routinely see courts apply statutory laws to “interpret’ and or “alter” both the intent and too often the clear and concise meaning of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Nowhere in our Constitution do I find a clear enumerated authority to do so, nor can I find any implied consent that allows statutory laws to define the Constitution.
The amendment provision is the ONLY option given to alter both the Founders full intent and purpose. The remedy to remove unjust laws at the laws at the federal level, lies with the states through their free exercise of the Ninth and Tenth amendments. The peoples authority is implied in this process as they and only they can elect their representatives.
The people, also have a little known and even lesser exercised right of juror nullification of any and ALL laws deemed by them to violate individual liberty by a law enacted in violation of anyone’s rights that have constitutional guarantees. Jurors have been given the duty and right to be autonomous and also the duty to nullify ALL unjust laws before them in case they are impaneled to serve. These rendered verdicts have no legal avenue for appeal or alteration by an activist judge. This is a right and duty, that I have after serving in three separate jury trials have never been been informed of by the trial judge.

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Juries have the power and the duty to judge the law as much as the defendant.

The last trial I was impaneled on, I served as jury foreman. I explained these duties to all the jurors. The case was a civil liability case and the verdicts presented to us did not fit the evidence that was presented. We nullified one law as unreasonable and then rendered a verdict that was punitive to the defense and rewarded the plaintiff for all their losses by evidence. We also awarded them modest punitive damages. The defense lawyer stood and offered an objection to the verdict. The judge first questioned me on how we arrived at our verdict. The defense attorney’s glare at me, when I told the judge that we were exercising our duty of autonomy. His glare went from anger to shock as all the jurors affirmed my statement. He stood and withdrew his objection.

Power and authority of individual citizens can and never will be exercised until at least a majority of them first have the full knowledge of their authority and then are willing to exercise them, regardless of any pressure brought to bear by any bureaucrat, be they elected, appointed or hired. Two federal agencies come to mind that routinely violate both their constitutional authority and the constitutional right of the people. Do you agree? The Internal Revenue Service and the Environmental Protection Agency.

We need to purpose this day forward to only elect public servant, the majority of which do not have law degrees, but rather those who well understand and respect the Source of our liberty and who are committed to fully restore and preserve all liberties within their local defined community standards. Each citizen must become educated and informed though their own efforts. With these tools at your fingertips, you MUST always hold those you elect regular scrutiny and account of their actions in service to you. A great American Statesman coined the phrase, “Trust but verify'” It fully applies here also.

By Michael Bowman
Patriot Institute Columnist

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