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Much of the election focused on Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails so it will come as a surprise to many that the former Secretary of State’s email correspondence is still at the center of a legal battle. The current  case is not about Mrs. Clinton’s leaked emails, but emails that the State Department still refuses to release.


Judicial Watch, which bills itself as a “conservative, nonpartisan educational foundation” that “promotes   transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law” has been seeking access to the official emails from Clinton’s tenure at the State Department for several years. The lawsuit seeking access to the emails was dismissed in 2016 by an Obama appointed judge. The Court of Appeals overturned the dismissal and returned the case to federal district court. At a hearing this week, the Trump Administration’s lawyers indicated that they will continue to seek a dismissal of the suit.


Judicial Watch was surprised that the Trump Administration would continue to protect Hillary’s emails after Trump’s criticisms of Clinton corruption in the State Department, calls for Russia to locate the emails from Hillary’s private server and even calls to “lock her up.”

“What’s surprising is the Trump Administration is continuing the Obama Administration’s legal strategy to obstruct and defend Hillary Clinton’s email practices,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told the Washington Examiner. “This is an example, in my view, of the ‘deep state’ still running things, in many respects.” The Examiner says the “deep state can be most broadly defined as the unelected federal bureaucracy.”


Ironically, it seems that the Trump Administration is doing a better job of protecting Hillary’s emails than she did.


The next hearing on the case is set for April 21.

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