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The President’s decision on DACA is met with much derision. His predecessor says it’s cruel but what the hell would you expect from someone who has for our Constitution not a smidgen of respect? It was the TYRANT who knew what he did was UNCONSTITUTIONAL but he did it anyway. Now it will be up to Congress to pass a law but most people know this will not be done. Our House and Senate are controlled by mediocrities. Nothing of consequence can be passed. Our Congress is that purely run.

Listening to Speaker Ryan cry out to our President not to end DACA is enough to make you regurgitate. This poster boy for the Establishment finds himself in an awful state. Of course Trump’s decision will be used by the likes of a John McCain to resuscitate his Comprehensive Immigration Reform that will once again go nowhere if you ask me. The rule of law is once again looked down by each and every Trump enemy. Illegal immigration burdens us in so many ways. It truly has caused our beloved America much malaise.

Trump is President for one reason and one reason alone and that is his stand against this endless invasion. It was an important factor in his victory over Dastardly Hillary. He has kept his promise once again. The rule of law must reign supreme. It has to. For eight years this was not the case. We saw firsthand what a TYRANT was able to do. We have in this Presidency a man of strength. One who acts in the best interest of our country. So unlike his predecessor is he. A leader not an appeaser.

Only in the disgusting world of the wacky, miserable Left do they have the utter gall to excoriate our President’s decision based upon his highest duty to defend the American people and the Constitution of the United States of America. Of course that is something always at odds with the Left and their HATE AMERICA agenda. Now the Congress has six months to try and pass a law. We wish them much good luck. On this issue of illegal immigration there will be no more passing of the buck.

Joe Esposito
Photo Credit:ALBA VIGARAY/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock

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