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Is Trump a maverick or a madman? Maverick, maybe!

Something I have observed over the years is, that managers have a tendency to hire those with knowledge, experiences and hobbies similar to theirs. My own experience maybe anecdotal but
through the many years, I have seen this phenomenon occur in other industries, as well.

As a young accountant, I was hired by a Chairman, to work as his accountant and a manager in his private security company. I had soon realized that the Chairman had a passion for working with numbers too but he was really a “frustrated accountant” for he was never qualified as one. But he was a master businessman who knew how to pick the right person for a job. He as I, knew the importance of the knowledge of numbers, in controlling cost and maximizing surplus etc.

As the years passed and he receded in semi-retirement, I did the hiring as a Company Director and the General Manger. Lo and behold, several of those I hired for management positions. were ex-military or constabulary but I sure had a preference for those with some knowledge of accounts or were good at math or numbers, generally. Needless to say, we had a successful business and today, long after we parted with the company, it is still a major force.

President Trump, the businessman, may be doing a similar thing with some of his cabinet picks, in my opinion. That works in business and we hear what they said about running a government and
running a business, that they are not the same thing.

So in that respect, is Trump, Maverick or Madman?
We shall see!

By Stephen Marotta
Patriot Institute Contributor

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  1. Author
    Marotta, Stephen 1 year ago

    I did not write this “article”.

  2. Author
    Marotta, Stephen 1 year ago

    I did not write this “article”. It seems like nobody “wrote” it.

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