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1. I find it interesting that so many want to speak about chips, beasts, Antichrists, aliens; Christ coming and how everyone should be ready and get their doctrine right. Usually that means, believe what Our denomination believes.

2. Most do not care that some of the most important doctrines they teach, is not in the Bible; mischaracterizes God; even denies the truth of the Gospel. Nor can they be proven because many beliefs deny other scripture. So they shop for words and verses that allows them to keep their erroneous beliefs. Then hold themselves not guilty.

3. Most I have known in the denominations are not concerned with the multitudes of errors that they teach which hold logical people back from believing the Gospel; assigns people to an everlasting torture whom God has not assigned;

4. None of this matters much to most that I have known because they assume that as long as they are sincere, even to tears in what they believe, it is all made good with God, because he knows their heart is sincere. And that he knows they are zealous for what they believe.

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The Spanish Inquisition

The people claiming to be of Christ and was inquisitors and murderers for the professing Church during that time were very zealous and sincere, enough to kill their fellow citizens in the name of Christ.

And NO ONE is more sincere and heart dealt than a Muslim who straps on a bomb to do the will of his master. No one has more zeal and believes more strongly or loves his beliefs more than the person who is willing to dies for them. Yet is is all for NAUGHT, if it is not true.

How much more vain it is and worthy of less applause for those claiming to have the Spirit of God and will not seek out the truth but go shopping for something they like that they know they cannot show is true. Often they know that others have shown a truth that they cannot show is error, but they hold on to their real masters who taught them the error. God will separate the wheat from the tares. He will put the ore into the furnace of tribulation and what will come out of it is the pure gold. All the dross (Professing Christians with the errors they love) will not be part of his treasures.


Bill Sullivan
The Patriot Institute Contributor

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