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The United Nations was founded with good intentions. Fresh out of World War II, the UN created "safe" boundaries for Jews to live in the Middle East. The nation of Israel was created by UN mandate in 1947 appropriately placed where so much history and Jewish heritage and tradition exists.  The UN was also run by a different group of leaders when Israel was formally established than today, who were more pro-western and had great sympathy for the plight of persecuted Jews at that time.

The UN has a completely opposite leadership composition in current times. The current border dispute between the UN and Israel is, I believe, a smaller part of a bigger issue, which is the current direction and intention of the UN itself.  The United Nations is now headed by pro-Islamic politicians and Muslim princes and pro-socialist leaders, all which have an aversion to Christ and Christianity, and an aversion to God, who many Jews and Christians worship and believe in.

Our own nation's creation is established by "natural law"; that is to say, God-given law which our government was, theoretically, created to protect with and for its citizenship. In creating our nation, our founding fathers followed the philosophy that no man can take away what is given by God, i.e. natural law.  I believe the UN has an aversion to Israel, and wishes to remove its status as a nation and borders, because it has a larger agenda . That agenda is to give those who wish to destroy the Jewish and Christian religions, their religious historical records and their markers of cultural heritage, even their worshipers themselves, an opportunity to do so. 

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By destroying Israel's current boundaries, the UN is attempting to destroy Western civilization in favor of a pro-Islamic, pro-Marxist caliphate. They are trying to eliminate freedom and democracy by eliminating the God of the Bible, from which natural law is derived, and on which Western freedoms are based. Muslim nations, and a majority in the UN, wish to destroy churches and any history of Christian and Jewish traditions and culture. The Quran instructs them to do so.

Marxist principles also instruct them to do so.  They seek to dominate the Western world, which will crumble without the existence of the USA and Israel and their pro-democracy ideals. The UN has become a tool to further the globalist/socialist agenda of one world: a non-Christian, non-Jewish, anti-Western world, largely unprincipled.  It is essential for us to protect pro-Western allies, especially Israel, and defund or drastically reduce funding to United Nations programs. 

The UN is no longer a peaceful meeting place for nations to discuss issues. The UN has become a politicized and agenda-driven (Agenda 21, Agenda 2030) organization. Their goal, under Socialist and Islamic leaders, is to establish one-world government and reign over or eliminate Western freedoms, republics and democratic ideals.

By Karen Powers







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