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Lynne M. Taylor

Patriots, we’ve seen the grab for our kids at ‘readiness’ in their education. As in ‘college readiness’ or ‘career readiness’. In some States, this extends to ‘life readiness’ and/or ‘military readiness’.

We’ve seen the massive funds poured into curriculum by the big corporate giants who have ZERO teaching qualifications.

Sadly, we’ve witnessed our legislators condone every bit of the alignment that goes along with all this. It’s enough to drive us crazy.

Patriots, the overall goal:

In modern day education, however, those in charge seem to believe  that the schools MUST make these kids ‘ready’. Ready, though for WHAT?

Patriots, the students of today (all ages) are being ‘readied’ for a life, alright, but it’s ‘life-long’ learning. Imagine a scene where your children are NEVER out of some sort of training (aka: learning). Imagine, you, as an adult are CONSTANTLY having to add to your job related education (aka: credentials).

The phrase ‘adult learner’ does not mean everyone over the age of 21 who goes to school. In the modern education alignment, ‘adult’ applies to anyone 16 years and older.

“Life-long” learning is a purposed process which is gaining momentum in America due to our relationship with the UN (United Nations), OECD (Organization for  Cooperation in Economic Development), and more. The purpose? To have a great Return on Investment (aka you as ‘human capital’)

Patriots, I’m sure you are familiar with the federal overreaches in PreK to College, but did you know about the Adult Charter Schools or specialized high schools?

Adult (Public) Charter Schools:

Patriots, back in 2016, the image you see above was a feature on the U.S. Dept. of Education’s blog. I wrote about it not long after the announcement by the U.S. Dept. of Ed concerning more adult charter schools in the next 3 years. At the ‘head of the class’ for these adult public charters? Investors, not educators! What else did the announcement share? Adult charter schools are a national commitment!

From a 2004 U. S. Dept. of Ed archived report on successful charter schools, it was revealed that one successful charter school used funds from Titles One (mainly for disadvantaged students) and Three (mainly for ELL, English Language Learners) and combined these with Adult Education (Perkins Funding) money for all age ‘access’ to learning. (*Note: since the 2015 passage of ESSA into law, the Title funding programs have been updated.)

Patriots, be sure to click on the screen shot directly above. You’ll see that by 2015, several States had adult public charter schools in place. Expansion is currently going on. (*Note, closely tied to LINC, Literacy Information and Communication System, is the NCAL, National Council on Adult Learning. NCAL is headed up by a UNESCO Lifelong Learning Contributing Editor! NCAL exists)

According to the World Education, Inc. (funded a long host of private, public, and, non-profits, including the Gates Foundation), this is why ‘adult education’ is needed. “ADULT EDUCATION IS AN ECONOMIC IMPERATIVE FOR INDIVIDUALS AND THE NATION.”

Full Service Community Schools:
, we can also find lots of adult education in the Full Service Community Schools (FSCS). FSCSs are from the U.S. Dept. of Education. Back in 2015, I revealed the Coalition for Community Schools and its efforts to align entire towns to Common Core on my full-time blog.


From the FSCS website page, this description can be found,Full-Service Community Schools provide comprehensive academic, social, and health services for students, students’ family members, and community members that will result in improved educational outcomes for children. These services may include: high-quality early learning programs and service; remedial education, aligned with academic supports and other enrichment activities, providing students with a comprehensive academic program; family engagement, including parental involvement, parent leadership, family literacy, and parent education programs; mentoring and other youth development programs; community service and service learning opportunities; programs that provide assistance to students who have been chronically absent, truant, suspended, or expelled; job training and career counseling services; nutrition services and physical activities; primary health and dental care; activities that improve access to and use of social service programs and programs that promote family financial stability; mental health services; and adult education, including instruction of adults in English as a second language.”

Patriots, thanks to ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act, FSCSs and 21st Century Community Learning Centers are in full swing to align your towns and cities. For example, NC (North Carolina) is increasing its 21st CCLCs.

NEXT High Schools, Early College High Schools, Technical High Schools, and Next-Gen High Schools:

Patriots, our last topic is high school. Remember, ‘adult’ in the context of this article, means age 16 and up.

1) NEXT High School is in Greenville, SC. Their mission? “TO PREPARE YOUNG PEOPLE FOR LIFE (AFTER SCHOOL)”.
School staff and teachers have been re-named as “Pros”. Students have been re-named as “Peers”.
The Greenville campus is part of a network of schools.
Education has been re-branded as “Impact Based Learning” (aka PBL, Project Based Learning)
NEXT is a SC public charter school.
Next’s CEO has a You Tube Video you have to see.
Next also uses Power School, which is a huge data mining tracker for students.

2) Innovations Early College High School is in Salt Lake City, UT.
This school uses ‘Blended Learning’ (aka PL. Personalized Learning aka “Self-Directed Learning”)
School days are 7 am to 5 pm.
Innovations is a public high school.
Written up as a ‘school of the future’, Innovations uses CTE, Career Tech Education, which I have often called the ‘adult version of Common Core’, because it IS Common Core.
Innovations uses Power School as well.

3) Technical High Schools (aka Future Ready Schools) are nation-wide. From CT, the 2016 Annual Report detailing the state-wide goals and alignment.
When you expand the picture note the use of Power School, adult education, and, family involvement.

(*Note: Patriots, in NC, where I live, “Future Ready” is used, but you should see the dangers of “Future Ready” in the State legislation.)

4)  Next-Generation High Schools are already in place and supported by many in the CCSS Machine (Common Core State Standards). These schools all use PBL, PL, and Self-Directed Learning. Because of these methods in ‘learning’ are used, this means CTE, CCSS, and STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) are also used. Patriots, all these lead right back the the OCED’s plan for ‘life long learning’.

There’s a Next Generations High School Act  in WS, and is a ‘pet project’ of Senator Tammy Baldwin. Baldwin is a co-chair in the Congressional CTE Caucus.
If you’d like to see how the U.S. Dept. of Education describes Next Generation Schools, go here. One thing, Patriots, all these types of schools will not have old style classrooms.


Patriots, I hope you can see that no matter what name is used, all the evidence points back to the same thing. Modern Education  exists to serve the economy; NOT for Johnny and Suzy to learn and grow as free thinkers. Because education serves the economy, Johnny and Suzy must be conformed to a worker status. This is happening in other countries. It’s happening here. Because ‘life long learning’ is attached, every age and every school choice is impacted.

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