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The Patriot Institute is creating an online resource for veterans.

After I retired from the Army, I felt like a fish out of water. Being a soldier was all I had been and all I had wanted to be. Reentering civilian life was hard. But after 24 years in service and coming home all banged up from my third tour in Iraq, I had two little kids and I knew it was time to move on.

To find any kind of help, I had to search all over and I, like so many of our veterans, felt so alone. Instead of helping, the bureaucracies and red tape I had to go through made everything a struggle. For example, it took over four years, 4 Years!, just to get the VA to acknowledge my combat disability.

There wasn’t any ONE place that knew what I and other veterans were going through or what we needed. The Patriot Institute want to change that.

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The founder of the Patriot institute on patrol south of Baghdad 2005

Together, we can create that ONE place for military members and veterans can turn to for answers and help, 24/7 and always 100% free to use.

This ground-breaking new concept for a veterans’ assistance all inclusive website will include a nationwide data base for such things as homeless shelters for veterans, VA clinics and hospitals, counseling services, food pantries and food banks, marriage counseling services specializing in veterans, military transition services, USOs, Wounded Warrior, Horses for Heroes, and more!

This new site will also offer research papers and useful instructions for veterans on such topics as How to Apply for VA health benefits, How to Apply for and Use Your GI Bill for college.

There will be contact information for their state and federal government representatives to include phone, email, Facebook page so our veterans can find help and can reach out to their elected representatives for assistance.

Next, this site will be a forum. Vets can post questions and get answers from other veterans and experts. It will be a chat space for support. So any veteran at any time has someplace to reach out to and talk with fellow vets who would understand what he may be going through.

And maybe the best part, active and reserve military members, retirees and all veterans will be able to make a video of a generic job interview posted online for potential employers. The interview will be presented to potential employers across the country.
Often a soldier’s job on paper doesn’t reflect their experience and skills. Here they will be able to highlight not just their job title, but what they’ve done and their worth to potential employers. This has never been done before!

Also, the veterans will have access to free webinars such as Acing that Interview or How to Write a Winning Resume, personal financial planning after the military and so much more!

This site will also be a place where our veterans can find military-friendly discounts on goods and services across the country and across the world!

You can make all this happen! Your small donation will mean so much to those who have already given so much for all of us!

Every day we wait is just another day America’s veterans go without this tremendous resource.

Please help today!

Thank you!


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