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Editor’s Note: With all the media coverage of the Weinstein and Hollywood sex abuse scandals coming to revelation, Pastor Paul Waldmiller was able to arrange for an exclusive Patriot Institute interview with Mr. Dean Tong whose work for justice is also known among some in Hollywood. Dean has appeared on Fox News, CNN Dr. Phil and Court TV. as a court witness expert regarding “abuse allegations.” In an attempt to bring balance to the stories of so many making claim of being sexually abused, Paul sought out Dean Tong to bring that balance to the stories we are hearing about. The interview between Pastor Paul the interviewer, and writer of the article as well as Dean Tong should be carefully read by the reader. There is no doubt that readers who have both been sexually abused as well as falsely accused of sex abuse or other types of abuse will all have strong feelings about thus article. Again, this article is being published to bring balance to what the many in the Main Stream Media are reporting to the public.


Pastor Paul: Thank you Dean for agreeing to be interviewed. I know how busy you are with testifying in courts across America as an expert regarding abuse related issues.
Pastor Paul: I would imagine that you have heard about the recent news of alleged revelations of Harvey Weisntein being a sexual predator so  my first question to you must be, have you had anyone share with you, or have you heard of the rumors of Harvey Weinstein being a sexual predator?
Dean Tong: Yes

Pastor Paul: In your professional opinion and from what you have seen/reported in the media, do you believe Weinstein is a sexual predator and or pedophile?

Dean Tong: It would NOT be pedophilia since that is child molest of a kid 10 or younger. He’s accused of sexual harassment/assault of adult women. But, as a professional who is published in the field of sexual deviancy before I opine on the ultimate issue and whether or not Harvey Weinstein is guilty, I’d like to see him psychosexually tested via the SVR-20, SAI, MSI-II, AASI, and Penile Plethysmograph (PPG) as well as actuarial scores be obtained from STATIC-99, SORAG, MnSOST, et al to see where his “sexual risk” lies.


Pastor Paul: You have made appearances on the Dr. Phil Television Program, CourtTV and have been also been interviewed by CNN and Fox News. Have you had conversations with Dr. Phil or with any of your interviewers during news programs about these type of sexual allegations?
Dean Tong: No
Pastor Paul: What types of allegations of abuse or abuses were you able to discuss while being interviewed as a professional?

Dean Tong: Dr. Phil – child sex abuse as I represented a mother who was falsely accused of coaching her twin daughters who accused their father of incest.
Court-TV/FOX News – Child sex abuse as it related to the allegations against Pop Star Michael Jackson
MSNBC- Adult he said she said sex abuse allegations relative to the case of basketball star Kobe Bryant and in this interview “sex polygraph” was discussed.
Pastor Paul: Do you believe the sexual abuse issues and or allegations are largely confined to the acting industry, Hollywood, or are these actions and allegations more of a nation wide issue?
Dean Tong: Because “sexual assault” is a heinous and reprehensible crime when it happens, it’s the one allegation that raises the eyebrows of courts and makes the hair on everyone else’ head and back stand up. But because there’s largely no proof or evidence other than hearsay to corroborate said sexual allegations it becomes a battle a war of he said, she said, they said. But make no mistake. The more famous the accuser(s) the more accusers who jump on the bandwagon (we call this piling on syndrome) the more guilty the accused is because where there’s smoke there’s fire and the accused is guilty by association. Think Michael Jackson.
Pastor Paul: The revelations and or allegations against Weisntein seem to be exploding with numbers of women stating that they were victimized by him. News of Weinstein comes on the heels of news about sexual predator allegations against comedian and actor Bill Cosby. Many women claiming also to be victims have also made their claim. Is seeing so many people claiming victimization normal?

Dean Tong: In Bill Cosby’s case allegedly there’s proof forensics against him in that a crime lab discovered him administering GHB or a similar date rape drug to one or more of his victims. Mind you, Cosby’s case resulted in a hung jury and the Court declared a mistrial. But he may be could be re-tried for allegedly raping a woman he met from Pennsylvania.Typically, in adult men women sexual victimization cases, a man will use sexual violence and coercion and force to groom and molest his victims. But you don’t hear about famous men accused of sexually assaulting famous women (or ordinary women) submit to risk assessment psychosexual testing to glean if they possess the propensity or penchant to be the monsters they’ve been painted to be. In most or all of my cases, the accused must submit to testing to attempt to prove a negative and their innocence. Make no mistake. In these cases, the accused is presumed guilty. America gravitates to sex scandals and CSI and there’s the maxim women and children don’t lie about sexual abuse. They must be believed and protected at all costs.

Pastor Paul: As you are a Trial Expert regarding abuse issues, have you ever had cases where you have found that there were false allegations of abuse? If so, What was their motive to make those false allegations?
Dean Tong: Most of my cases result in unfounded source misattribution errors whereby the complaining witness was sexually abused but she pointed the finger at the wrong guy…mistake in identity. Or she’s hyper-suggestible, victimized by false memories (perhaps induced by psychotherapists) and/or suffers from undiagnosed and untreated mental health disorders. But, most of these cases are NOT false with an accuser had motive, method and opportunity to falsely accuse a man of sex abuse. In cases where sex abuse allegations are made in bad faith with premeditation to exterminate an accused individual the typical motives of false accusers are money, media exposure, child custody, child support, alimony, social status as the more fit parent, and being attention seekers looking for empathy.
Pastor Paul: There’s been rumors for years also about rampant pedophilia acts committed by famous actors, producers and or directors in Hollywood. Have you also heard those rumors?
Dean Tong: Well, of course, and I was a national media commentator in both Woody Allen’s (1992) and Michael Jackson’s (1993 & 2003 – 2005) child sex abuse court cases. Pedophilia by definition is child sex abuse perpetrated against children 10 or younger so Allen’s case would classify as alleged pedophilia as his victim was under 10. In Jackson’s case, his victims ranged from 11 – 17 and were all boys so his case would be classified as alleged ephebophilia or hebephilia.
 Pastor Paul: Are you familiar with Actor Cory Feldman’s claim of being sexually abused and being victimized by a pedophile(s) in Hollywood when he was a child?
Dean Tong: I am not aware of this.
 Pastor Paul: Do you believe any members or part of the Main Stream Media either perpetuate, enable sexual predators and or pedophiles?
Dean Tong: It’s not what you know or what you think you know, but what you can prove in Court that counts; whether it’s suing for monetary damages against a sexual predator in civil court or The State arresting and prosecuting an accused sexual predator in criminal court. So, we know that Jared Fogle the Subway Guy was a pervert – Story HERE.
And it’s possible former Fox news media man from the O’Reilly factor was a “hands-on guy”, too… see story HERE.

Pastor Paul: Do you believe the same press you identified in the previous question also take part in times in fostering false allegations of abuse?
Dean Tong: Yes, but false allegations of sex abuse are clearly politically incorrect. So, while the unfounded or false accuser will still receive front page headlines in the New York Times for her baseless, frivolous and even vexatious claims, the falsely accused person (unless your name is Michael Jackson) may receive a small caption on the back page of the Idaho Statesman, if you’re lucky to receive that. There’s a ginormous disparity between penalties for those who cry wolf and incite witch hunts and falsely accuse a man of sexual assault and those who are accused of and are guilty of (plea bargain or judge/jury verdict) sexual assault. The former, generally speaking, receives a slap on the wrist, while the latter can receive life in prison without parole and life long sex offender registration.
 Pastor Paul: You have been hired by many clients as an expert regarding abuse related issues all across America. What would you say was your most bizarre case?
Dean Tong: Arizona – 2011. The case of Arthur Vitasek who the Arizona Republic called “Arizona’s most notorious child molester ever.” He was accused of and convicted of sexually abusing about a dozen boys ages 11 – 17. I pored over all of the kids’ forensic interviews on DVD which were conducted by police detectives not trained forensic interviewers, and the detectives threatened all of the kids that if they didn’t roll over on and implicate Arthur on tape on DVD that they themselves would be arrested and prosecuted. I testified in October 2011 in that case 6 years ago and was on the witness stand for 4 hours as an expert witness for the defense. But, from the confirmatory biased media stories to the police ultimatums against the child victims themselves, Vitasek never had a chance at vindication and freedom. Needless to say, he was convicted.
Pastor Paul: Last question, If someone wanted to research your expertise, how would they do so, and also, how can the general public contact you if they are interested in hiring you for their impending case?”

Dean Tong: My web site, has been on the internet for twenty years. My biography and CV are published at the same site. My contact information is there as well. If folks click on the consult link at my website, it will give them an opportunity to complete and accused questionnaire at the same a chance to answer my questions while they tell me their story. So long as they leave me their email address when responding to the questionnaire, I answer them back for free.

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