The 2016 Election was worse for Democrats than anyone has noticed so far. Supreme Court nominations; The House, The Senate, The White House and Trump’s coattails; This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what the Left has lost. This article explores some of the reasons why the 2016 election will mark the beginning of Trump’s policies and therefore likely be the benchmark for the destruction of the Democratic Party.

For all I know, I may be the only pro-Trump writer here at the Patriot Institute.

I understand that there are many concerns that various camps on the right have with Trump, and I look forward to engaging with all of you in conversations on this topic in future. This article is not meant to defend Trump or his policies, nor is the point of this article to say that the 2016 election was a good thing.

The point of this article is to illustrate a few of the ways in which this election was a very bad thing… bad for the left.

If you have leftist acquaintances, and who doesn’t–there’s only so much one can do to filter out the dregs from one’s social circle–you may have noticed that their panic-stricken post-Trump delirious frenzy is almost showing signs of slight tempering:

We will return to these three points later, as each one indicates some very negative projections for the Democratic party, the ideals of the leftists, and the future prospects of the mainstream media.

First, let’s force our friends on the left to look at some very uncomfortable truths that won’t go away no matter how enthusiastically they try to ignore them.

The easy two (most leftists have brought themselves to notice these):

  • The House, the Senate, and the White House… all red. Furthermore, this fact proves Trump has “coattails” (the most accurate indicator of whether a state would go red or blue on election night was whether or not their congressional elections went red or blue)
  • The Supreme Court. 3-6 appointments will likely be made by Trump. His list terrifies most of them. And this means 8 decades of American culture has been affected.

This is devastating to them, but they’ve come to terms with the first–fantasizing about 2 and 4 years from now when they dream they will fix it all. They simply try to push the second out of their minds as many hours of the day as they can.

Now, on to that with which they haven’t quite been able to come to terms regarding the 2016 election.

The following statement is 98% accurate: Every county that went blue this year had a sanctuary city near or in it, and those are the only counties that went blue.

Gregg Phillips claims he has proof of 3 million votes cast by illegal immigrants; and says legal action is being filed against the DNC regarding these. Think this is a fantasy? Remember, we now have top DNC officials and field-workers who have strong ties to the DNC loudly bragging on hidden camera about how they bus people around and make sure they vote multiple times in states in which they are not registered to vote. (The previous link includes candid conversations with Democratic operatives who use adult language to say that they don’t care what’s legal or ethical, that they pay mentally ill people to start sh*t, and that they bus people in to states they want to win–among other things.)

The Democrats have been transparently trying to win elections through attempted surreptitious manipulations of demographics. If Trump does one tenth of what he says we wants to do, that game is over for them. Criminals are the natural constituency of the Clintons and the Democrats, so starting by deporting illegal immigrants convicted or arrested for violent crimes will really deal a serious blow to their future election prospects.

Unless the Democrats do some serious introspection, and completely and substantially (not just surficially) reinvent themselves, they are not winning a Presidential Election for the next 3-4 decades.

The bad news for the Dems doesn’t end there, however. It gets much worse.

This is a map of the states which have both a Democratic governor and a Democratic majority legislature.

This is a map of the states with majority Democratic legislatures:

The Grey are 5 states with split legislatures.

Which leaves us with this beautiful map of the 6 states which have both a majority Democratic legislature and a Democratic governor:

The point is this. If Republicans convince the 5 split state legislatures and just one of the Democratic majority legislatures to agree with them on some issue… we can now pass constitutional amendments.

Just in case you think that’s too good to be true: as you know, 3/4 of the states need to agree to ratify a Constitutional Amendment. Republicans control 32 state legislatures, and have a fighting split in 5; 3*50/4 = 38. In Connecticut, the senate is 18 Dems vs. 18 Reps; and one Nancy Wyman Lt. Governor [D] to break the tie; their House of Representatives is 79 D to 72 R. The Senate of Deleware is tied 10 to 10 (with one vacancy) and the House of Representatives in DE is 25-16 for the Dems. Nevada Senate: 11-10; House: 25-15. NM Senate: 26-16; House: 38-32. Anyway, if we focus on elections in two years and four, we could really make this happen.

Donald Trump promises to bring law and order to the inner cities, bringing peace to the residents, and locking up the criminal element (again, the natural constituency of the Democrats). This is a bigger deal than it sounds.

This brings us to the really juicy parts of the 2016 election, and what it means for the future.

Donald Trump’s message (which he may be able to deliver on) to the inner city is three-fold:

  • If you want it, I want you to have a job.
  • If you want it, I want you to have a gun.
  • We will provide law and order, and remove the criminal element from your midst.

I will write a different article to discuss this issue more, and to maybe defend some of Trump’s ideas, and link to it here in the near future. For now, know that the man who said: “4 in 10 African Americans are born into life-long poverty. I will not rest until every American has an equal share in the American Dream”, and who won a larger percentage of the “Cuban vote” than he did the “white vote”, really does have a chance to take away an enormous chunk (even the majority) of every one of the Democrat’s core bases.

Before we get into that, however, let’s move on to some of the comforting lies the left is telling themselves regarding Trump and the 2016 election:

1. One of these lies is: “At least we won the popular vote; there are more of us than there are of them!”

This is what the map would have looked like if all of the conservatives who voted for Gary Johnson had voted for Trump instead. Notice that the supposed “blue wall” of MI, WI, and MN would have been completely destroyed; not a brick left in it. Take-away lesson: More people voted conservative in all three of the “blue wall” states than voted for that crook, Hill.

2. A second lie sounds like this: “Trump never meant what he said. He can’t accomplish any of the things he promised even if he wanted to (which he doesn’t). Those who voted for him will soon find out that he was all talk and no action.”

That last one is a bit of a joke, but the man isn’t even in office yet and “impressive” doesn’t seem to approach a description of what he’s already done.

I have some concerns about a new crony-capitalism which may emerge, and conservative principles dictate that we not have a government which has the power to help one company at the expense of another; but the point of these facts is that they give the lie to the second of these deceptions the left wants to believe.

3. Another lie that the left likes to tell themselves is: “Trump is a big jerk and no one will like him, and world leaders will refuse to work with him. He will make our country a laughing stock on the world stage.”

The 2016 Election of Trump was determined on the morning of Nov 9th.

  • Nov 9th: The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, wanted to be the first foreign leader to meet with Trump. They had that meeting. It went well. The Prime Minister, it is rumored, explained that he wanted to meet with the President Elect in person because knowing what is going on in American politics is impossible, he is rumored to have said, since the US media “lie all the time”.
  • Nov 10th
  • Nov 11th (remember, the media paints it all in the worse light… “willing to discuss” is something)
  • Before he won the Mexican President said that he thought Trump’s wall plan might be a good idea for both nations (although, they didn’t discuss which nation would pay for it at the time, and the media made a big deal about how this detail wasn’t settled in their first meeting, the real story is Candidate Trump could get the Mexican President to endorse the plan of building the wall at least)
  • Nov 20
  • Slovenia
  • Serbia
  • Brexit–Just as hyphens are for latecomers, this bullet-point needs no link
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Italian Referendum against leftist policies
  • Iraq
  • Time Magazine (news for toddlers) came up with a headline which can’t mean anything other than “populations of the world celebrate Trump” even though they tried to make it sound like some political movement liked him, the only term they could come up with for that movement was “populists”… what do these people have in common besides that there are lots of them, Time?

That’s just a few points.

Now, let’s get back to the three bullet-points at the beginning of this article. Re: the left’s “strategies” for coping and what they reveal about just how damaged the Democratic Party really is right now.

If the Democrats want to slander and negate everything Trump does or says (even if they have to sometimes distort facts to do so); they will end up showing that they are invested in the failure of America, prove more that they are untrustworthy and biased, and continue to be played by Trump in ways which will help advance his agenda and expose the corruption of his political enemies.

These tactics are going to turn off most people, even if they did vote Hillary this time.

Even people on the left are starting to notice this.

Obama mocks Trump’s promise to bring back jobs from Carrier.

The Diagnosis:

The left needs to shut up, sit down, and do some serious introspection; completely reinvent their ideological convictions in substantial and demonstrated ways; and start again. They are incapable of doing anything remotely like this. Instead, they will double-down on their hateful rhetoric, false narratives, and media propaganda; extreme ideologies of open borders and the demise of nationhood; identity politics, virtue-signalling, and victimhood-privilege-status calculations; and this will make even more transparent their investment in the breaking-up, demise, and selling-off of the most valuable political asset the world has ever owned, the United States.

The Democratic Party has likely collapsed at this point, regardless of whether or not they can admit it to themselves now.

What will happen now?

  • The independents who leaned toward Hillary this election will see through the media lies and manipulations that the Trump supporters already saw through. The nasty tactics of the left will drive them away from the Democratic Party.
  • Criminal illegal aliens in this country will be deported, and a wall will be put up to stem the tide the Democrats already relied upon to win elections.
  • State-level elections and elections in foreign nations will incline themselves toward the new nationalism of Farage and Trump (I promise another article on this new -ism–how it differs from my political views in some ways, and what we should make of it–in the near future) as electorates have the added incentive of wanting their politicians to be effective representatives of them and be able to work with those already in power.
  • Trump will likely go from victory to victory as he works hard to deliver on his promises to the groups (many of whom were still unconvinced to vote for him) who have traditionally been the base of the Democratic Party. If this happens, more and more of the blue base will be eroded away in the elections of two years from now and four. — [Put link here to article on what excites me most about this election]
  • George Soros will keep the MSM liars in business long after it is clear that they should have gone bankrupt (more people watch the Gardening Channel than watch CNN right now). The MSM will continue to attack everything Trump does. The battle for hearts and minds will continue to be won by our side in social media. And the end result of this will be to drive more hard-core Democrats away from the left.

Unwisely ending my article with predictions:

It may seem like a premature prediction–my facebook feed shows I’ve been making scarily accurate predictions for over a year now (I’ve even predicted headlines before the events which they cover happened. If anyone wanted to make accurate predictions this year, they could have done so by taking whatever the left is saying and simply negating it)–but: I think the Democratic Party may no longer exist in four years. (The left said that Trump may be the cause of the destruction of the Republican party. While he has certainly changed the direction, and in some ways completely reinvented it; we can negate this nonsense and make another (hopefully accurate) prediction about the Democratic Party.)

Two new parties will emerge. The Republican establishment, which has always hated this new movement which supported Trump (perhaps for good reason), will join forces with the reasonable half of what is left of the Democratic Party and will take some Republicans with them (not many) to form a new Party. They likely will not be strong enough to win an election against the new Trumpublican Party (which will now have all the former Democrats that Trump has stolen on their side). The rest of the extreme socialists in what’s left of the Democratic Party will go back to the obscurity of being used to not having a major party which even gives disingenuous lip-service to them (Bernie was an obvious fraud). Some libertarians will join with the Trump Republicans, some will move to the new party; many will stay third-party. If the new dem/rep-establishment party hopes to have power or a chance of winning it, they are going to need to court both the neocons and the theocrats who traditionally voted Republican. They won’t find this a comfortable negotiation, but it is doable. I suspect most of these two groups will remain with the Republican Party (now reshaped by Trump).

Now that the Electoral College has met, the news for the Dems has gotten even worse. A full 8 Democratic Electors refused to cast their vote for Hillary Clinton, this makes her an all-time record holder of sorts.

Earlier in this article I hinted at an aspect of the 2016 election that makes me happiest. This aspect has to do with: African Americans. Gays. Hispanics. Identity Politics. Mainstream Media Lies (and how many people still believe them). The Condescension of the Liberal-White-Privileged-Racists. I will write another article about these issues and link to it here.

Also: promised article on “Trump’s New Nationalism” — Link will go here.


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