This is in response to a former California legislator who says he supports the 2nd Amendment but that he believes “people don’t need a bazooka in every home”.

I must disagree with you on the matter of bazookas since our Founding Fathers INTENDED for us to be able to DEFEND ourselves from tyranny in government…as well as foreign invasion.

BUT…in order to defend ourselves from tyranny…we must be equally armed. How would you ever be able to fight off government tyranny with single shot rifles… against AR15’s…or even more superior weapons in government hands?

Might I ask….Are we supposed to put away our computers in favor of a pen & quill?? Go back to smoke signals or telegraphs and put away phones? Go back to horseback & wagons and get rid of our cars??

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George Mason co-author of the 2nd Amendment replied when asked about the militia, “What is the militia? It is the WHOLE people.” To DISARM the people is the surest most effective way to ENSLAVE them!”

President Thomas Jefferson warned “The STRONGEST reason for the people to retain the right to keep & bear arms is as a last RESORT to protect THEMSELVES from TYRANNY in GOVERNMENT!”

President Ronald Reagan warned “The FIRST thing dictators do when they come to power is to DISARM the people!”

Hitler once said “One man WITH a gun can CONTROL 100 men WITHOUT one!”

Lenin advised…”Cause the registration of ALL firearms on some PRETEXT with the GOAL of CONFISCATING them and leaving the population DEFENSELESS!”

Keep in mind that registration is the first step in confiscation as the government has to know who

has the guns…before they can come confiscate them!

It is dangerous for both freedom & liberty when only the rulers, or those in control have the weapons and the We the People CANNOT defend ourselves. This is why I say “ people need bazookas!”

Carol Byers
Patriot Institute

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