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For a long time, I have been assuring and reassuring my friends and readers that we can relax. All the hatred toward Donald J. Trump is going to pass. I knew that it was going to happen, because it has to change. As surely as a pendulum will reach the end of its swing and return, in time, the left would stop its nonsense.

I wasn’t sure of the way that this would come about. I knew that we have serious issues to be developed such as Iran, and more urgently, North Korea. I knew that patriotism would come back, as it did on September 12, 2001. Forgive me for not having the imagination of seeing Kathy Griffin and the shooter in Washington as the impetus of this change.

Obama once said that “Elections have consequences.” So do words. The Hollywood elites are now on notice. Now, for the first time since Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy, they know that they can go too far. I don’t imagine anyone wants to emulate Kathy Griffin right now. Moreover, they all know that their words can incite violence and even murder. Inciting murder is a crime. Now they know that there is a fringe of nut cakes who are going to take their words seriously.

We can only hope that this hateful rhetoric is coming to an end. Perhaps, the news media will take a look at themselves and change their ways. Perhaps the anger of our politicians will subside. Perhaps more and more things which are happening in Washington of importance will be reported, and perhaps, people will see and understand that we have a new president who is presidential, smart, devoted, and with the energy to make it happen for America.

The other day, President Donald J. Trump said the magic words: “Play Ball!” This is one of the things that I love about that man. Two words which say it all. PLAY BALL!

I think the time has come. More and more of those who are not on the fringe have already come over (unless I believe the polls over my own ears) and the fringe is less on top of any mountain, anymore. It crumbled. It is over. Finally, I can agree with the words of our last president. “Elections have consequences.” President Donald J. Trump is our president. People on the left have gotten through the 1) denial, 2) anger, 3) bargaining, and 4) misery of losing the election. It is as normal a part of the grieving process as the ultimate, 5) acceptance. Finally, the winds of acceptance are in the air, and finally, our president will be permitted to get his work done without having to constantly fight off his unwarranted attackers.

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